WeView: Velocity 2X

In the spotlight for today’s Weview is Velocity 2X. The series has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a PS mini. Now as a fully fledged PS4 title, it’s as hectic and challenging as ever, with some great additions to the gameplay.

I’m yet to fully complete 2X but I’ve had a lot of fun with the game already. For me, Velocity Ultra has been one of the best games I’d played on the PS Vita and 2X only improves on this, with some nice additions to the gameplay including being able to fight outside of the Quarp Jet.

It’s safe to say that TSA is a big fan of the Velocity series and FuturLab in general. Stefan reviewed Velocity 2X scoring the game a rather impressive 10/10. Tef explains “it picks up exactly where the first game left off. Through a handful of brief flashback levels, it recaps the events of that led to Lt. Kai Tana being flung halfway across the galaxy and how she came to be cybernetically augmented”.

Of course, “the game’s true focus, just as before, is on the gameplay, and it very quickly lets you get to grips or reacquaint yourself with the Quarp Jet’s movement, the accelerated scroll rate and the short range teleporter”. This time, however, “it’s also quick to introduce the big new addition, that Kai can now step out of her space ship and run along the corridors of buildings on alien planets”.

He said “FuturLab faced the problem of translating the ultra-slick Quarp Jet controls to controlling a human being, but have done so with aplomb”, adding “2X manages to keep the essence and feel of Velocity’s controls when Kai’s on foot”.

As Velocity 2X is “often very hectic and demands absolute concentration for minutes at a time” you might find “it’s easy to gloss over just how gorgeous the game looks”. Tef said “Velocity Ultra’s particular aesthetic has only been improved upon and refined, as they now visit alien worlds and get greater variety in the backdrops to the action”.

He concluded:

Velocity 2X delivers another dose of pitch perfect shoot ‘em up gameplay, but refuses the rest on the laurels of its predecessor. Taking Kai out of her Quarp Jet opens up whole other avenues for the gameplay that only gets better and better as you progress, with every other part of the game lavished with further polish and refinement. I can only think to echo the sentiment and the score that we awarded the original.

Now it’s over to you. What did you think of Velocity 2X, and what platform did you prefer to play the game on? Let us know in the comments below giving the game either a Buy It, Plus It, Sale It or Avoid It rating. Most of you probably picked the game up via Plus so let us know whether you would of paid the full price for it. Get your comments in by Sunday evening in time for Monday’s verdict article.

This will also be the last WeView of the year so I’m hoping for a big reception for Velocity 2X. We will be back in January looking at the game that will top yesterday’s poll.



  1. One of the Vita’s best games, great fun, buy it.

  2. Velocity, already a frenetic game gets even more frenetic with its sequel. Adding to the space killin’ ‘n’ savin survivors is side scrolling sections which focus more on speed than tactical skill.

    Its a game about speed and its played at a breakneck speed. The story is a bit naff but there is plenty to do with reasonably priced DLC to boot. If somehow you have managed to miss on the Velocity series which has been free on PS+ then I would recommend buying this one more so than Ultra. A very good, solid and fun game.

  3. Buy it!!!
    Don’t think….just buy it!!
    It awesome game, worth every single penny
    BUY IT!!!

  4. Didn’t sit well with me, it’s just not my cup of tea as I like coffee :) having played velocity the original just felt that futurlab could have moved on & tried something completely new. It’s a good game regardless but I wasn’t overwhelmed to play it.

    Buy it, great studio that deserves support. It’s a shame as I always had their games for free on plus

    • i don’t drink tea or coffee.
      but i found velocity 2x strangely addictive.
      not a big fan of shooters or plat-formers but the blend of the two just somehow gelled.

      if you missed it on plus buy it

  5. After reading all the reviews praising this game I was mega excited to play it. After the first hour or two of playing I admit that I could not see what the fuss was about, and I could not get my head around how the controls changed when you are on foot. It actually really annoyed me!

    I decided to stick it out and play it for longer and before I knew it I was addicted. I did end up giving up on it at one point as I couldn’t work out how to make one of jumps, but a few days later futurlabs did a playstation blog post with hints and tips, one of these tips was how to make the jumps I was struggling with.

    The thing that keeps you playing is the need to get a perfect medal on the levels. I bought new grips for the thumbsticks on my DS4 just because of this game as my thumbs kept slipping off when trying to race to the end of a level.

    I’ve bought all the DLC and will buy anymore that they release as I want to give them all the money I can for making such a good game.

    Definitely a BUY IT from me.

  6. On the plus side, it’s got everything that made the original game fun.

    But then they added those other platforming sections, which aren’t much fun. And did something weirdly inconsistent with the controls.

    And it’s far too easy, unless you want to do everything perfectly. Which is fine, but don’t then lock away the later levels because you completed all the previous levels but didn’t earn enough XP to unlock them. The only challenge to the game is almost as tedious as a billion collectibles.

    Not a Buy It then. And not a Plus It, since that’s already happened. Maybe a “Sale It, because you just know it’s going to be on sale every 5 minutes until the end of time, or a sequel, whichever is sooner”. You certainly wouldn’t want to be paying the full price for it.

  7. Fun fun fun, lots of fun. Plenty of challenge for the nutcases who will develop the muscle memory you need to get the top score on every level and lots of fun the rest of us too. I didn’t expect to enjoy V2x as much as I did so I’m gonna recommend anyone who’se dubious to buy it, and those who didn’t pick it up for free but fancy giving it a try to buy it too.

  8. 100% buy it. Its cross buy between vita and PS4 and its fantastic fun. You wont regret it

  9. It feels like something you played on the Amiga but it also feels new. Buy it.

  10. Life-ruiningly addictive. Both Velocity games are amongst the toughest and most satisfying platinum trophies I’ve earned. I can’t believe my luck that BOTH of them were given away via PS Plus, and I definitely would have parted with the full asking price for the second, having played the first and remembering how great it was.

    This franchise for me epitomises everything that’s good about PS Plus. I probably wouldn’t have bought the original, and I’d have been missing out big time.

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