Challenges Are Back In Driveclub

It’s no secret that Driveclub has suffered since launch, hindering an otherwise decent racing game. Since the game’s launch two months ago there have been problems with the online multiplayer, thanks to a bug within the server code that limited the amount of players that could be online. One of the game modes that was taken offline at launch were the challenges, where players can set each other milestones to beat.

It’s good news then as the challenges have been switched back on, bringing Driveclub pretty much to full capacity in terms of modes. Evolution hasn’t posted on any of its social channels stating its challenges are on, but give them a try and you should be able to send and take part in them.

Source: Videogamer



  1. Maybe it’s finally time to jump back in!

  2. Far too late for me.
    My interest in this game died weeks ago.

    • That’s an interesting point, that you’re no longer interested though you still have the game (or you may have sold it already). This makes me wonder just how many people are still playing DC – If one of the main problems for the game was that it just couldn’t handle all of the data traffic due to an overly ambitious number of gameplay points requiring server access/data traffic and, as they admitted, a set of poorly optimized code, then it would make sense for them to temporarily switch off the Challenges code. Maybe after a period of time when the number of players has subsided and they have made some client and server code tweaks it should be safer to switch this feature back on. It makes sense to me. The real test would be whether they ever release a PS+ version which would no doubt hammer the servers and network and whether they would include traffic heavy options like the Challenges mode.

      • I used the challenge system last night and works great.

        Amount of Driveclub users has actually been going up the last few days but it has been packed in to a lot of bundles that are being put on offer at themoment.

      • I still have the digital version of game installed whilst i’m waiting for the slow machinations of Sony’s refund department to credit my wallet.
        I’m not sure why i haven’t deleted it yet, but my desire to go back to the game is non-existent.

  3. It’s a shame that it’s telling me to update the game to access the online features, but it’s not starting the auto-download of said update.

    I’ve probably confused it by accepting a notification about a challenge being posted… Par for the course really.

  4. Glad to hear that the challenges are up and running. I’ll give it a go the next time the server in The Club decides it doesn’t want me playing the game, not even on my own.

  5. Great stuff, i’ll check it out tomorrow eve.

  6. I just got this a few days ago and think its pretty amazing. I’ve had no problems at all

  7. I have really enjoyed playing Driveclub, especially since most of the early problems have been ironed out. The new tracks and single player events were a welcome extension. Am looking forward to giving the challenges a go as I only need these trophies for the platinum.

    • Same here apart from I can’t get the ‘Rack ’em Up, Knock ’em Down’ trophy even though I’ve purposely drove slow then sped up.
      I did just read it has to be done on a lap time trial though and not a point to point track.
      Might try later.

      • That trophy was a bit confusing.

        Has to be a lap based time trial you do it on. Do a lap, but wait just before the line for a minute. Then do 3 more laps making sure you beat your time, but not by much. Wait at the line and cross it when you’ve got about 10 seconds to beat your target time. Obviously the 4th lap you can just go for it (as long as you don’t go for it too much and screw everything up)

        Do it on a track you’ve not done before, otherwise you might have a job beating the previous record 3 times.

      • Cheers. I’ll give it a try over the weekend. Might be a problem finding a track I haven’t yet done.

  8. I deleted this last week, the most broke game on release in a long time. Even worse than when rainbow 6 four got released if anyone remembers that. I’m not even bothering to try getting a refund from sony buti won’t even buying the sequel if there is one.

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