AC: Unity Companion App Patch Will Fix “Missions With 100% Odds Of Success That Could Fail”

Yes it’s slow news day, welcome to December. So then, details of the next patch, number four, for Assassin’s Creed Unity, which should fix most of the remaining problems and also details of the recently released companion app patch which will sort out the lols inducing “missions with 100% odds of success that could fail.”

The patch will also fix the rather worrying instance of the “no assassin” issue in the tutorial, a somewhat important feature in a game about assassins.


Ubisoft also revealed that the side scrolling adventure, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, will be able to everyone to purchase in the new year. Here is the full list of proposed tweaks and fixes.

  • Game crashes after loading your save: We’re devoting a lot of attention to this one and we have a workaround (try taking your system offline and reload your save, you should be able to play offline). Most instances of this crash will be eliminated in Patch 4, but if you do still encounter this issue after the Patch is applied please file a Customer Support ticket to help us identify what your issue is so we can create a fix for it.
  • Error CE-34878-0: Similar to the crash mentioned above, the game freezes or crashes after loading your save. This particular error message is exclusive to PS4. This issue should be resolved in Patch 4.
  • Initiates legacy recognition issues: Many of these issues have been resolved, but we’ve noted that it could still take several days for all of your progress from past games to be fully updated. If after five days you still don’t see your progress accurately reflected on the site, please file a ticket with Customer Support so we can more closely examine this issue.
  • Companion App issues: We’ve just released a new patch for the Companion App, so be sure to update to release 1.04 if you have not already. This patch addresses the following issues:
    • Restoration of lost Premiums
    • Fixed synchronization issues for first-time users and at login
    • Fixed the “no assassin” issue in the tutorial
    • Fixed missions with 100% odds of success that could fail
    • Fixed an issue with lost progress – simply resync with the HD game and load your save, this will synchronize your online progression data.

 Source: Ubisoft



  1. “Ubisoft also revealed that the side scrolling adventure, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, will be able to everyone to purchase in the new year.”

    Wow, I’m glad I stopped buying these after 2. With all the different spin offs, dlc, and lack of goty additions, it must be at a hell of a cost to keep up with the franchise!

  2. So the XBone gets the next Tomb Raider game, and the PS4 gets the exclusive “Error CE-34878-0”?

    No, hang on. They’re not mentioning that as the good sort of exclusive, are they?

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