H1Z1 PC Early Access Will Begin January 15th

Sony’s take on the zombie apocalypse MMO genre H1Z1 will be getting a Steam Early Access launch on January 15th, with the base access costing $19.99. However there will be a second, more expensive SKU available that will give these buyers access to various game modes. It seems a bit underhanded but Sony has stated that those who buy the base Early Access can gain access to these extra modes by earning tickets within the game. Sony’s John Smedly did also state that this won’t be as polished as DayZ, and those who opt to pay for the early access should be made aware of that.

The launch map will start at 8km by 8km in size but more land will be added constantly. At launch there will be 50 servers available but the player count has not been set. You’ll be able to build bases in the early access, and there will be a total of 16 weapons to choose from and three vehicles. Various zombie types will also be in early access from day one. The access itself is set last between one and two months.


John Smedley also stated he would like to do a PS4 version too but there is no date, though it should be expected after PlanetSide 2 has launched on the console. The coding for the PS4 version is being handled by a team separate to the PC version of H1Z1.

Source: Reddit/GAF


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  1. “Would also like to do a PS4 version”?

    Wasn’t that confirmed when they originally announced it?

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