Sony’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Day 5: Destiny & Street Fighter X Tekken

As we plow ever closer to Christmas Sony have announced the discounts for Day 5 of their “12 Deals” promotion.

Unsurprisingly, to coincide with the release of The Dark Below, Destiny’s first DLC package, the base game has been reduced for both PS4 and PS3.


Vita owners also get something related to recent news, with Street Fighter x Tekken hoping to whet a few appetites prior to the release of Street Fighter V, which was recently announced as being a PS4 console exclusive when that launches at a later date.

As always, the links are below – and don’t forget these deals only stay active for 48 hours!

Destiny Digital Guardian Edition (Includes Season Pass)
Was €99.99/£84.99/AU$129.95, now €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95

Was €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£34.99/AU$59.95

Destiny Digital Guardian Edition (Includes Season Pass)
Was €99.99/£79.99/AU$129.95, now €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95

Was €69.99/£49.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£29.99/AU$55.95

PS Vita:
Street Fighter X Tekken
Was €44.99/£39.99/AU$62.95, now €8.99/£7.39/AU$13.45
PS Plus members save an additional 10%

Anything tickle your fancy today?



  1. Urgh! Picked this up on disc 2 months ago for £32. They’ve just lowered it from super-expensive to merely expensive. Still holding out hope that they lower the price of The Wolf Among Us to around the £8 point.

  2. Is there still that thing where you buy Destiny on ps3 and get it on ps4? Or was that somethin’ else?

    • Digital Upgrade Program
      When you buy/redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game, Digital Guardian Edition, or Expansion Pass for PlayStation 3 on or before January 15th, 2015, you can download the Playstation 4 version from the PlayStation Store for free. Your Sony Entertainment Network Account (PSN ID) will retain licenses for both consoles so you will be able to play both versions. Details on the upgrade program are located on the game’s official website:

      Via: PlayStation Blog

  3. Hopefully someone can answer my questions-

    Scenario – I have destiny physical disk and the expansion purchased from store on my account.

    I recently purchased a second ps4 for my son for Xmas. He has an account but is not a member of ps+ and plays destiny currently on my ps4.

    Here come the questions :-

    1. Can I buy the ps3 version and upgrade to ps4 version which I think ends January? (If so why offer the higher price ps4 version)

    2. Once I have the digital download can my son play from his ps4 from his account and I play with him in my ps4 with my account if I also log into his ps4 and download the game plus expansion?

    I’m trying to find out if there is a way to not have to double up my purchases of ps+ game and then expansion?

    I would then sell my physical copy of destiny.

    Have fun

    • 1) Yes – see above.

      2) You can, but it’s not the most simple of things.
      From what I understand you’ll need to download the game on both machines, and then set your sons PS4 as the primary console associatted with your PSN ID. Your son can then play your game (as a sort of guest) as long as his console remains your primary machine. Complicated, I know.
      Meanwhile, you should be able to play on your own machine just fine, as long as you do not re-set the “primary console” allocation if prompted by Sony.

      Does that make sense?

  4. Destiny price is pretty good with the season pass included. Was only a while ago I paid £40 for it and it’s another £35 for the season pass.

    Still I would recommend paying for the DLC for the game, its a rip off.

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