Podcast: The Year According to Peter

So last week I posted a little interview with Teflon about his 2014. I enjoyed doing it so much that I decided to do another interview or two, and from there things spiralled a bit. Over the coming weeks you’ll be treated to a new interview every Friday, reflecting on someone’s 2014 with them and talking about a few games they felt defined the year. I’m not going to reveal the full list of guests here, but you may have picked up a few hints if you’ve been following me on Twitter.

This week the guest is our very own Peter, who you may also know as colossalblue. He reflects on his time in Los Angeles for E3, owning a house for a whole year, triffids and how he feels about TSA since he handed the editorial reins over to a new generation.

In terms of the games he felt defined 2014, he’s picked three titles. First up is Elite Dangerous, a game that technically isn’t out yet. That hasn’t stopped him sinking a huge amount into the various stages of the game’s beta though, nor did it deter him from buying some custom hardware to help him get the best out of the space simulator.

His next game is Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which he uses to discuss the general trend of re-releases of titles for the PS4 and Xbox One that seems to have swept the industry this year. He also takes a look at how many games have released with components that simply haven’t worked this year, with Halo’s multiplayer getting a bit of a bashing.

Finally, he selected Far Cry 4 to round out his selection of 2014 titles, mostly because he just felt it’s really good. How can you not like a game where, occasionally, an eagle drops a monkey onto your head?

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Listened to the whole thing while I played Far Cry 3. Love that you said your peace of mind concerning the state games are released. Ubisoft rushing and rushing…Yeah, I will buy AC 4 only because it is a pirate game. I don’t really care for the AC story line.

  2. I don’t listen to the podcast often but this one I really enjoyed. It’s great hearing a bit about your work-life balance, I’m lucky enough to work shifts so I can play games during the day, when my wife’s home I try not to play games and make sure whatever we do is us spending time together.
    Games wise, the nostalgic outpourings over Elite have been brilliant and it was good to hear more in the podcast! I feel slightly more grumpy about day one patches than you guys, for whatever reason I think the idea of a final product that inspires pride is a thing of the past and patches are a shortcut to acceptability, driven by greed and profit. I’m a cynical old bastard :)
    Good work Peter, and the rest of you on the TSA staff, many of us in the community probably take all your hard work for granted, this podcast was a welcome reminder of how much of yourselves you put into this site.

  3. Big fan of the pod and these interviews are a great change of pace.
    Great work folks

  4. Once again: well done :) Maybe because I’m a podcast regular listener I found it a bit less interesting than the last one with Teflon (I knew how Peter feels about each of the topics, because I hear him regularly talk about this stuff), but still very nice to hear a year review from his perspective. Can’t wait for the next one?

    I completely agree with the Tufcub comment – news snatches are great xD BTW. Can Tufcub speak a human language?

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