Podcast: Episode 165 – The Imitation Game, Guardians of the Galaxy and Elite

We’re just a few days away from Christmas now, so a Christmas special podcast was obviously in order. In all honesty it’s not actually that Christmassy, but we did have a special Christmas quiz from Lewis to put everyone in a festive mood.

Beyond that, Peter’s been given an early Christmas present from Frontier Developments in the form of Elite: Dangerous. Now, you may well have heard him talk about Elite before, but the difference is the game is now out of beta and actually released. Obviously he’s immensely pleased, and more than happy to tell everyone about his current top game.

Lewis, on the other hand, is trying to avoid the cold weather by going back to one of this summer’s blockbusters – Guardians of the Galaxy. Although we’ve talked about the film, it’s more than worth another discussion, so a fair chunk of the episode is dedicated to that.

As for Kev, he’s mostly been finding places to take shelter as his boiler decided to finally give up on this whole heating water business and try its hand at a career in scrap metal instead. This desire for warmth drew him to the cinema and a showing of The Imitation Game, which he was more than happy to share his thoughts on.

Unfortunately, Kev’s boilerless situation has had a someone what detrimental situation on the podcast’s audio quality. Unable to record from home, he was forced to use his phone to enter our normal Skype conversation, leaving him without the ability to record. The audio has been cleaned up as much as possible, but accept my apologies for any glitches you hear in advance.

As per usual, the podcast is capped off by answering all of your questions. However, as an extra treat the crew also discuss their favourite games of 2014, as we’re all far too busy eating mince pies to record any more podcasts until 2015.

So, as this is our last episode for 2014, we’d all like to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a simply splendid New Year. We’ll see you once it’s all over.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Peter, listening to the podcast now and your piece about a hairs breadth away from being a nutter in upgrading your PC for Elite.

    I am one of those nutters. You don’t need a cockpit room, or a new monitor. All you need is an Oculus Rift, and a HOTAS. It is THE gaming experience of my life!

    Docking with a HOTAS and rift, and hats on the throttle engaging your lateral thrusts, your changing throttle, direction, and lateral thrust, all at the same time while looking in different directions, feeling so natural.

    Dogfighting with the HOTAS and Rift. Looking up keeping your prey in visual, he pops out of sight, switch your assists off once you have reached your fastest angular vector, thrust down at the same time to get a better position to fire from. your prey immediately pops back into the front of your ship when you hit assists back on, full throttle, boost, ALL GUNS!!!! BAMM bounty pops up….

  2. Agreed. Although reading menus and the market screens is a bit of a pain due to the resolution of the DK2 it is still by and far th3 best experience of VR yet. Having a friend say “I’m coming in high on your 3” only to be able to look right and up to see him barrel-rolling into formation is a nerdgasm.

    We are currently running a private session while we earn our stripes. Feel free to add me as a friend tho as the more the merrier – Bonos Aphexia

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