What We Played #185: Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed, And Destiny

Kicking off the new year in style, we’re back for another round of what we played, the segment where we tell you (wait for it)… what we played in the previous days. I know, the name of the article only barely fits the content of the piece but stick with us, we’ve got gaming experiences to talk about.

Jim put his holiday break to good use by logging some serious time in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Although he began Unity with a bit of hesitation after reading about all the bugs plaguing the game, he was happy to note that the most talked about problems, missing faces and performance hiccups, were pretty much gone after the several patches that have landed since its release, though he did note that a variety of smaller bugs still remain. Bugs aside, while not a bad game, Unity just didn’t turn out to be the true next-gen experience Jim was hoping for from Assassin’s Creed.

On the other hand, Dragon Age: Inquisition definitely tickled his fancy in the right way and he even managed to get the platinum trophy, a feat only 0.2% of gamers who have played it on PS4 have accomplished so far.


As much as I kind of enjoyed Dragon Age II, Inquisition complete blows it out of the water with its jaw-dropping vistas and tactical approach to combat. With days to spare during the Christmas break (and a good measure of self-loathing) I was able to batter my way through on Nightmare difficulty, completely obliterating the final boss to take home my 48th platinum trophy. It’s one of my proudest to say the least.

Speaking of Dragon Age, Aran has also been playing it, and noted that the game is so big that he found it to be a bit overwhelming, with so many areas to explore and quests to complete.

Inquisition is but one of several games Aran has been playing, as he’s taking 2015 by storm, trying to complete the story mode in as many games as possible during this calendar year. He’s already finished Octodad, Valiant Hearts, and Escape Plan, and he intends to have Contrast finished very shortly. You’ll be hearing more about Aran’s conquest of games this year so stay tuned in the coming days.

Peter didn’t end up with as much time to play games over the holidays as he had hoped but he did continue along with Elite Dangerous, and he’s been mixing his football up a bit by playing PES 15 rather than FIFA.

I got PES 15 in the pre-Christmas PSN sale so I’ve been playing the Master League on that. It’s still some distance behind FIFA in terms of presentation, user interface and those finishing touches. The commentary is abysmal, the faces on all but the super-famous are laughable and the grass texture is generally pretty bad too. The way it plays, though, that’s back to being quite special and it’s one very important area where I think it just about beats FIFA this year. It’s great to have some serious competition back between the two major football games.

Next up is Teflon, who dabbled a little bit with Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D Land, Dungeon Defenders 2, and Don’t Starve Together’s early access. But of course, at the end of the day, he played far more Destiny than anything else and even included a fancy picture of his crew shortly after they completed the ‘flawless raider’ trophy, which is awarded for completing a raid without dying. This was also the final trophy he needed for the platinum, so that popped up for him shortly thereafter. If you’d like to read a bit more about their mastery of the Vault of Glass with no deaths, one of his clanmates wrote a nice piece about it on Reddit.

Here are the triumphant heroes (geofduke is the unlabelled guardian in the centre):


Dom is up next and has been using his PlayStation TV quite a bit, playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag as well as a variety of older Vita and PSP titles just to see how they look and work with his new toy. He noted that Black Flag works well via remote play with the PSTV because there’s not a lot of worry about lag, and he also mentioned that Patapon 3 looks fantastic on a bigger screen. Outside of that, he’s also been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and Forza Horizon 2, both of which he described as “brilliant.”

Tuffcub played a bit Destiny and GTA V but it was Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark that really got his attention, and not in a good way. His recommendation is to stay as far away from it as possible, even if you find it for dirt cheap. He noted that the timing of the game within the Transformers universe doesn’t make any sense, and he also stated that the controls, shooting, and voice acting all fall far short of the previous Transformers game.

High Moon, who created the first two games, were Transformers fans and it showed. From the dialogue to the locations, everything was created with love. Dark Spark has been created for cash, a horrible tie in to the movie. I imagine High Moon are horrified that their excellent work has been sullied by this pile of trash which recycles 80% of it’s content from the previous games.

TC was even nice enough to supply us with a couple of screenshots that visually show just how far short of today’s standards this game lands. Yes, that’s a PS4 game.

As for me, I was inspired by Aran’s desire to beat as many games as possible in 2015 and decided to keep better track of what games I beat throughout the year. While I doubt I’ll be able to match his number, I already managed to finish both Race the Sun, and the first season of the Walking Dead, both of which were well worth my time. I know it’s odd to say I “beat” Race the Sun since the world rebuilds every day, but I put several hours into it and hit the max rank, so there’s not much left for me to do other than check in with the new world each day. Which I might do because it’s pretty fantastic.

So that’s it for us but what about you? Let us know what you managed to play or beat over the holiday break.



  1. About an hour of Mario Kart 8 for me :( House move is almost finished so hopefully I will get a bit more sit-down time in a couple of weeks.

  2. Just before Christmas I finished off shadow of mordor,and bagged the platinum,I really enjoyed it!
    I’ve also been playing AC Unity which I’ve sunk some time into. I’ve spent some time with Lego Batman 3 and my usual Destiny sessions

    • Between Mordor and Unity, which would you recommend the most?

  3. For me still DA:I, PvZ and a quick blast through and finish of Infamous First Light.

  4. Over the holiday period I’ve made starts on Dragon Age Inquisition, The Crew and, just recently, The Swapper but the majority of my time has been taken up by The Binding of Isaac.
    It’s ridiculously addictive, so much so that I think I must have played it for at least 100 hours so far and whilst I’m only 6 trophies away from the platinum it’s still quite a long way off (especially as the EU hasn’t received the 1.03 patch that fixes a few of the glitched trophies and makes the platinum actually achievable).

  5. For the first time, I tried GTA V (on the PS4) out. Lovely stuff and more fun to be had with it, that’s for sure. Also, played a bit of Hohokum which had me thinking two very clear thoughts:

    1. What the hell is this all about?
    2. This is soooo bloody lovely even though I still have no idea as to what I’m doing.

    This also led me to SharePlay the blighter with AndyTorr and he was sold on it within moments. SharePlay – I love you.

    I then smacked the tender buttocks of Don’t Starve Together (beta) on the PC. The co-op is sublime and exactly what the game needed. Just like State of Decay which sorely needs co-op too.

    I’ve also made a start on LBP3 which is lovely fun. Great to hear Hugh Laurie in the franchise as well.

    Tried Pix The Cat which was crap. I say that as someone who loathes games like this so it was damned from the moment I loaded it up. :-) I took my mind of said abomination with Flower (on the PS4) which is as lovely as ever.

    Happiness prevailed once more.

  6. My weeks consisted of…

    Infamous First Light: Finished last night.

    DriveClub: Anyone else got the season pass? I struggled badly to unlock, then win the final Race on Redline.
    I’ve finally managed to reach the last event (3 races) on Elements after another hard struggle, but no way on this planet am I going to win the championship. It’s hard to see anything whatsoever when it’s snowing hard at night. Not through the windscreen view anyway. I may as well play the thing with my eyes shut.

    BF4: Final Stand Maps – At first I disliked them, but now I’ve changed my mind and I’ve been enjoying playing the new maps.

    Oh, and a little of GTA V.

    My copy of AC Unity turned up this afternoon so I’ll be playing that over the weekend.

    • I bought the Elements tour pack and began playing it. First Event is called “Scottish Summer”.. Wait a sec, i thought, the vanilla game already has “summer” weather – i paid for rain and snow events …. and then the first few drops started to hit the windscreen and it clicked with me … SCOTTISH summer .. :D
      The stormy weather is so realistic that in real life i would probably have to pull over and wait it out. :)
      Btw, Driveclub’s Director, Paul Rustchynsky, (in response to the question how much will the new location cost?) has tweeted that all new tracks for Driveclub are free!

  7. “so I’ll be playing that over the weekend” – I’m gonna change that to…

    “so I’ll be ‘trying that out’ over the weekend” – ‘Playing’ just sounds too kiddie & I still like to pull women and saying I’ve played a game all weekend just aint gonna help. For some reason the ‘trying out’ sounds excusable. ;)

    • Thats in regards to the above post… Thank you. As you were.

  8. Let’s see… Just before Xmas I platinumed CoD Ghosts (just the base game). Over the break I was mostly playing Lego movie co-op with my nephew, on my re-setup PS3, so I can finally work on the backlog…

    Which I did, managed to get some time in on Infamous 2 which I finished today for plat no 10! Otherwise I’ve now got Driveclub and AC:Unity to dive into, fired them up but otherwise not gone beyond the intros.

  9. Finally finished the main bulk of Far Cry 4, so started on GTA5, this time on PS4. Also got a couple of bits in the sale. Played through Valiant Hearts, which I thought was great, but not really started AC Freedom Cry yet. Oh, and I did the first couple of levels in Lego Hobbit, but will come back to that when I’ve got nothing more exciting to play!

  10. It was very hard to pull my attention away from dragon age however far cry 4 has managed it. Will go back to dragon age after I platinum far cry.

    Installed the 2 plus vita games and promptly deleted them.

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