Community Round-Up: 10/01/15

A new year, a new Round Up. Well, new for this week at least. I hope you all had a good little break over the festive period and all had very generous visits from Santa.

Unsurprisingly, TSA is still waking up from its little hibernation, so we’ll have to do a bit of digging to see what’s been happening for this week’s Community Round-Up!

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There’s no Meets scheduled for this week, though I’m sure you can expect to find the usual people playing the usual games, so we’ll dive straight into the Previews and Tef’s thoughts on Total War: Attila. Set during the fall of the Roman Empire, a new time period for the series, the game promises to build upon Rome 2’s foundations, and there’s also an interview for the game. Along with that, he also looked at Cities Skylines, and how that’s progressed since he last saw it, before talking to Peter over the top of some Dying Light gameplay.

Looking at the Features, and Mobile Watch featured with Papers, Please while WeView is looking for your comments on Destiny, a favourite of many readers here.

There were quite a few Blogs over the past week which you may well have missed, such as Blair explaining why he thought the new consoles shouldn’t be judged on their first year. Aran kicked off 2015 with his resolution to be to start clearing out his backlog (something many of us should do!), while Dom examined how Microsoft are turning it around for the Xbox One following its disastrous period before launch.

Also, if you missed some of TSA’s content over the festive period, such as TSA’s Games of the Year, Review of the Year, or Ones to Watch 2015 then remember you can still catch up on all of those glorious lists!

To finish, you can give a listen to the Podcasts featuring various members of the staff team reviewing their 2014’s, or let everyone know what you got up to this week in What We Played #185.

Time now for the Forums, let’s see what’s happened recently:

That’s all there was for this week, hopefully next week’s is a tad longer as everything gets going again. So until next week, bye!



  1. Welcome back steven, you have been missed!

  2. short and sweet Gazza.that’s how we like like it!
    Lets hope 2015 is as prosperous as 2014.
    could do without so much psn outage and games that were borked at launch (then spend six months patching the hell out of to get a half decent game aka “DRIVE CLUB”!)
    but hey as Kurtis Blow once said “these are the breaks”!

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