Community Chronicle: 15/02/15

Teflon is gallivanting across Europe, trying out plenty of new games, and that’s why I’m here to bring you all this Sunday’s Chronicle. I’m sure we’ll hear his thoughts on all those games in the coming days and weeks, but are there any that in particular you’re looking forward to?


One game that many of you might be looking forward to you is the Playstation Plus version of Driveclub, however we’re told not to expect it any time soon, after the developers replied to a tweet asking of its whereabouts with: “We’re getting there, but there’s still a lot of server development needed”.

Naturally, there was a lot of disappointment directed towards Evolution, with Forrest saying “They have taken far too long with it (with yet more delays still clearly present) & as a result, any interest I had in DriveClub has sadly dissolved.” This was echoed by dave87fez “the ship sailed on this for me months ago. I was really looking forward to this prior to the release of the PS4, and now I couldn’t care less.”

Many readers had similar opinions, while others, such as JustTaylorNow, pointed out you can find some good bargains for the game:  “I don’t know who is waiting for the plus version, the full version is going cheap now & that’s the real steal, one of the best racing games I have played in a long time”. JR is one such person that gave up waiting for it, picking it up recently for £20, saying it’s “brilliant, and I don’t regret buying the full game one bit.”

Also this week, the folk at Sony decided to have a count up of all the games we can expect this year on Playstation consoles. It’s quite an impressive list, and certainly worrying for our wallets!

As you would expect, there were several titles that people would have loved to have seen also in the list. Starman asked “why couldn’t they have slipped Warhawk 2 in there?!”, while Amphlett wonders about “the day when we can see Elite Dangerous on this list.”

However, one of the most popular comments was from JustTaylorNow, who’s “I’m sick of the pixelated mediocre [rubbish] that belongs in the 90’s” comment attracted plenty of support, but not from everybody. Beeje13 wrote:

Wow guys, come on, have you ever heard of art style? And some of these games are made by just 1 or 2 people, so you can’t expect them to have photorealistic textures.

Look at #IDARB from [email protected], that’s got an 8bit ‘pixelated’ style but looks and plays great.

If you don’t like them then fine, in fact I’m not a huge fan myself, but I don’t think harsh criticism is the right thing here. It’s not like these games are replacements for triple A titles with cutting edge graphics.

You may think the criticism is a tad harsh, or you may think along the lines of Pitcher-T, who says they “belong on a mobile or hand held console”, especially as he “did not pay for a shiny new console to play 8bit games on it”, which I’m inclined to agree with.

The big release of the past week was Evolve, however it didn’t launch without controversy. Even if you purchase the $25 Season Pass, there’s extra DLC that would set you back more than $60, just on day one.

badger3078 believes that originally, “the developers were considering making this a F2P game, but then 2K games got involved. It looks like it should of been”, which supports Hazelam’s comment that she recalls “somebody describing Evolve as just a platform for selling DLC, I’m inclined to think they may be right”.

UseTheInkRibbon mentions that it’s “mostly cosmetic stuff then by the looks of things”, but “the fact you have to pay extra to play as new monsters/hunters is a shame”. Perhaps this is why boeboe asks “err, what do you unlock from playing the game aside from abilities? Is that it?” Luckily, Dom was on hand to answer:

You start with the four characters and one monster, with unlocking the rest done by accruing damage or using an ability to the required level.

Other than that, there’s those character perks that unlock as you level up, and further badges and emblems too for your profile.

Does being able to earn unlocks appeal to you? Youles certainly finds it satisfying, and he thinks the game should “allow people to buy these items if they want, OR unlock them through grinding XP”, as that way hardcore and casual fans can still get the most out of the game. I think that’s a good idea, providing the amount of grinding needed is carefully balanced.


It seemed like a relatively quiet week for the trophy hunters out there, with Del earning the (fastest) platinum for Resident Evil HD and also Far Cry 4, while element666 plat’d Lego Batman 3. On the fastest platinum side of things, BadBoyBoogie laid claim to a number of titles from his backlog.

Other than that, it looks like a few of you are getting close to adding to your cabinets, such as Eldave0 who is close finishing off Peggle 2’s achievements. Elsewhere, Andrewww has started his second run of Alien: Isolation, while Youles has been plugging away at TLOU on Grounded+.

Lastly, Tactical20 is edging towards the end of Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, while Steelhead is nearing the end of his enjoyable playthrough of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

That’s all your achievements for this week, and it looks like next week’s Chronicle might have a significantly larger achievements section with so many of you closing in on those last trophies! Head over to page 2 for your leaderboard update, or there’s the submission form below if you wish to add anything for next week.

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  1. I think that the general consensus regarding a Plus version of DriveClub ever materialising is now in the reigns of conspiracy to sell the budgeted full game to most, although the held back online fully working version certainly pissed off early to mid adopters unneccessarily…..if the conspiracy theories are to be believed of course!

    • I definitely don’t believe those conspiracies, I just think Evolution properly messed up. They’ve now managed to bodge it back to working, but I reckon it wouldnt be able to handle a massive influx of new Plus users… that’s just my personal conspiracy theory though ;)

      Hopefully we’ll see it soon though.

      • Personally, I would probably rather they did what was suggested the other day – Forego the plus version entirely, get the code as good as it can be for the release version of the game (& allowing for an influx of new users) & then release the whole thing on plus a little down the line.

        Not much point in releasing a stripped down version now as far as I am concerned.

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