Evolve Launches With Over $60 Of Day One DLC, Not Including The Season Pass

Evolve has launched at last and in the United States you can purchase the Season Pass which will cost $25, or the Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition for $80 which includes a copy of the game (normally $60) plus the Season Pass.

Destructoid has looked at the other DLC available via Evolve’s in-game store, all of which is optional and cosmetic, and found that if you purchased all of the DLC it would cost you $60.89. That means the you could spend over $145 on the game on the first day.



You can check out our review here. The game currently has a Metacritic rating in the low 80s, although the user score is much lower at just 4.5 with many complaining about the DLC and lack of content within the main game.

Source: Destructoid



  1. It has been said before but those user review scores are absolutely usless. Someone enjoys a game – 10/10 irrespective of anything.
    Someone doesn’t enjoy a game – 0/10 irrespective of anything.

    Such a pointless feature really.

    Anyway, that aside, I’ve neveer understood the point of cosmetic DLC especially if it costs, but as long as it stays purely cosmetic, I don’t really see an issue.

    • Yes it’s by no means ideal or precise, but the average score takes into account eveybodys view so at the least it will suggest how many people are happy/unhappy with the game.

  2. Mostly cosmetic stuff then by the looks of things. The fact you have to pay extra to play as new monsters/hunters is a shame but I’m just really pleased the maps are going to be free. I can’t see the game having a massive following as it is, so it would be crazy to further split up the player base with map packs.

  3. The Season Pass options have always appeared to me to be quite a gamble. Do I buy the Season Pass and potentially save money against all the upcoming DLC releases and their individual prices? Or, if I buy the Season Pass will I be bored of the game after a few months and have wasted my money on future DLC which I will never bother to play or even download? Or, if I buy the Season Pass will the actual content of the DLC be of significant quality to have warranted the Season Pass purchase over the individual purchases?

    In the case of Evolve (I have not got it and neither do I intend to), I think the answer to all of the above questions is a firm “No”.

  4. i recall somebody describing Evolve as just a platform for selling dlc, i’m inclined to think they may be right.

  5. So, err, what do you unlock from playing the game aside from abilities. Is that it?

    • That’s the worry isn’t it. I used to find it far more satisfying in a game if I had to earn something. I recall having to destroy 750 claymores etc to unlock Sit Rep Pro in Modern Warfare 2 – and it was a great perk to have once I did, and rather rare.

      Why not allow people to buy these items if they want OR unlock them through grinding XP etc – at least then the hardcore players will be rewarded by unlocking them eventually anyway, and more casual players might be enticed to either pay for the odd bit here and there or encouraged to play the games for longer as they want to unlock a particular item.

    • You start with the four characters and one monster, with unlocking the rest done by accruing damage or using an ability to the required level.

      Other than that, there’s those character perks that unlock as you level up, and further badges and emblems too for your profile.

  6. I don’t agree with it but you can’t blame them when people are quite clearly willing to pay. It’s still annoying because this would all have been free/unlockable content in the good old days.

    On the other side of things, we haven’t really seen much of an increase in the cost of new games for years. Game development is a lot more costly nowadays than it used to be so they have to make their money some way.

    If there wasn’t a market for it, it wouldn’t happen.

    • This, and as long as it’s not intrusive, pay to win, let the silly people fund the games for the rest of us.

  7. I’m sure I read a while ago the developers were considering making this a F2P game, but then 2k games got involved. It looks like it should of been..

  8. When a game launches with this much dlc I just wait for the complete edition if I’m mildly interested. Though with this I’ll probably give it a miss altogether.

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