Don’t Expect The PlayStation Plus Version Of Driveclub Anytime Soon

After months of work the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game, DriveClub, seems to be functioning correctly, so thoughts are turning to the much trumpeted PlayStation Plus version, which was to be free to subscribers.

Bad news I’m afraid.

The coming months will see the release of Project Cars, one of Driveclub’s most obvious competitors, will anyone be bothered about Driveclub when it finally makes it to PlayStation Plus?

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  1. I can see why. Evolution clearly had to work their arses off to get the paid-for version working properly and that took weeks. Due to the nature of the problem it sounds like they’ve managed to get around the issue but maybe never tackle it head-on. With that in mind, it sounds like they might have to do something similar (ie. taking their time and scale things incrementally) to allow for a very serious influx of new gamers when the free version eventually turns up.

  2. Its around £20 on PSN. Its cheap pretty much all round so why bother waiting for it anyway? Its actually decent but could be better. Here is hoping Evolution get another bite at the cherry with Motorstorm or something. I hope Sony don’t come down hard on their failings.

    • I will be very sad water will come from my eye’s if we don’t get Motorstorm on PS4,love the Motorstorm series.

      • A PS4 Motorstorm game would be brill, especially if it’s more like Pacific Rift. I couldn’t stop playing that!

      • Agreed, good call

  3. Looks like I won’t be playing DC anytime soon. Project cars a very different game but should whet my racing appetite still.

  4. By the time it’s out the full version will be sub-£10 so it’s pretty pointless. I do feel cheated by the whole affair, as the PS+ version was promised at launch and was an incentive for me to pre-order a PS4 in the first place.

  5. I do love DriveClub and when the challenges work they keep me wanting to come back, however there still are server hiccups now.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a million times better than launch but I still see server disconnects and issues with leaderboards and challenges.
    On a more positive note, I’ve been really impressed with the season pass content and the free tracks. The added features like weather, photo mode and new gameplay modes have been great too.
    It’s a shame there’s no replay mode as this game is gorgeous!

  6. Nope, sorry – They have taken far too long with it (with yet more delays still clearly present) & as a result, any interest I had in DriveClub has sadly dissolved.

    I feel for the guys that have been working hard on it, but considering I was planning on treating it as a demo to see whether it would be something that I would play (& therefore would upgrade to the full version if so), they severely missed the mark.

    Just not bothered about it at all now.

  7. I don’t know who is waiting for the plus version, the full version is going cheap now & that’s the real steal, one of the best racing games I have played in a long time & that’s coming from a person who hates car games

    • Me, it’s mainly a matter of principle now, I was going to try the (promised) plus version and buy the upgrade if I really liked it.

      When it released with broken network features and the plus version was put on hold, I did not think to myself, “I will now pay money to try this broken game instead”.

      I would not feel right buying it, it sends out the wrong message when you just accept things like this. just my 2 cents.

  8. I would be concerned for Evolution trying to get a PS+ version of the game tested in readiness for release to all PS+ users, as we all know that you can’t perform mass group online tests of such games.

  9. very clever marketing stunt!
    get the masses juices flowing for what was intended to be a huge demo?
    don’t actually release said demo,let full game drop to within pocket money prices and voila!
    the masses will go and pick up a copy!
    i know i did and to be fair it was well worth the £20.00 admission fees.

  10. Well I’ll still be enjoying it ’til at least July as I bought the Season Pass.
    We’ve already had 6 new tours and there’s about 10 more to come which must equate to at least 100 new races plus new tracks and cars. Well worth the extra £20, so I’d rather they delay the Plus version and keep up the good work they’ve been doing on the Season Pass and extras.

    If people are still holding out for the Plus version whilst it’s only £20 to buy, it tells me they’ve got no interest in purchasing the game anyway and just want a freebie. For the price and the fact It’s been recommended by enough people on here hardly makes it a major purchasing risk.

    • I bought it at launch and bugs aside I thought it was well worth it.
      I was hugely disappointed with the server issues but I had fun with the singleplayer tour and once the servers were up I enjoyed the full experience even more.
      At £20 it’s definitely excellent value for money I think.

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