Project CARS Trailer Gives In Depth Look At Career Mode

Earlier today it was reported that Project CARS had been delayed until April, which may have disappointed some of you. Following that report a new trailer has been released for the game though this looks at Project CARS’s career mode, and doesn’t show gameplay. You do a cutscene featuring Formula A vehicles, and lots of menus though.


In the trailer it is confirmed that you can start your career at whatever tier you wish, so you don’t have to grind through one set of events to unlock the next vehicle class. The choice to start from the very beginning using karts, or jumping straight into the driver’s seat of a supercar is up to you. The career has three historic goals you can tackle, as well as other challenges set by your team. Before each race event you’ll be able to set how long it will last, whether you want to simulate it, and the difficulty. This is so players can customise their own experience to fit around personal lives.

Source: Youtube



  1. Not sure if I like the idea of ‘everything unlocked’ in career mode, surely the whole point of career mode is to start your career at the…well start. It’s fine for solo racing and online.

    • I agree, it would’ve been nice to start of in karting and then work my way up to Formula A. I noticed there was an incentive for starting at the beginning tier, tier 8 I think. Still not the same though.

      • You can do that. I’m glad it’s not forced though. Personally I hate karting, so I’m really glad it’s a bit more open. There’s no way they can make you start the game that’s going to please everyone, but I think the open way they’ve chosen is the closest.

      • Yeah it gives people are choice and if there’s a type you don’t like you can miss it out, but for me I’ll be starting right at the beginning.

      • * a choice, beeping auto correct.

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