New Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Comes To PlayStation Platforms

After a period of exclusivity on Xbox One, the Havoc DLC for the latest Call of Duty is now available on PS4 and PS3 which marks the arrival of Exo Zombies on Sony consoles.

Sporting a celebrity cast which includes John Malkovich, Rose McGowan, Jon Bernthal and Bill Paxton. Exo Zombies puts a fresh spin on the zombie survival mode which many COD players will now be familiar with. Players are tasked with surviving waves of the undead who are now armed with exoskeletons, making them faster and more deadly than ever before, whilst trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding the lethal outbreak.


Although the content was supposed to release on PC too this week, it has seen a slight delay on that platform due to “unexpected issue” and will instead release on March 3rd, with double XP for PC players.

The new DLC will also include four new multiplayer maps to dive into as well as giving players access to the AE4 directed energy assault rifle.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Shame you only have the option to play the DLC in Core, then the only mode you can choose is team camp match, or mosh pit????

    • Isn’t it just. Hardcore players always get the short end of the stick. Think WAW was the last to offer DLC on HC modes. Should be able to just pick the gamemode followed by HC or crèche mode.

    • It should just be a mixture of old and new maps with a switch to turn off the new maps like the old cod. Plus I can’t play what I want domination…. Or hardcore… Wtf were they thinking. Good COD and then they drop the ball… Wow

  2. What? .. You can’t play DLC on Hardcore which is my preferred game mode. Brought the season pass expecting to be able to.

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