Community Chronicle: 08/03/15

I’m still not sure about our virtual reality future. After the flurry of announcements coming out of the last week or so, with Valve and HTC’s parternship and Sony’s improvements to the Morpheus prototype, VR is certainly getting better, I’m just not entirely convinced yet that it’s answering the right questions.

Time will tell, to see whether games can really come to cater to both VR and TV gamers for blockbuster titles like Call of Duty (I have my doubts), or whether VR and TV games will tend to remain more distinct and separate, allowing developers more freedom to experiment and forge a new path.


Naturally, VR and Morpheus in particular were at the heart of one of the bigger news stories of the week, as Sony showed off the new prototype and announced a 2016 release window.

Dave87fez finds this future rather appealing, as he said it’s “Exciting to see the future edging ever nearer to the present. Back to the Future is just one year out! In Part 2, Marty Jr. sits at the dinner table in late 2015 wearing some weird VR headset thing.”

Others were more sceptical, and MrYd in particular has his doubts:

So it’s 1920×1080 for both eyes? You’re getting 960×1080 per eye, right up close? And they expect things to run at 120fps? It’s going to look terrible, isn’t it?

And we’ve still got no idea of a price, a release date less vague than some 6 month period next year or any really convincing argument as to why you’d want one, other than to look like some sort of idiot from the future.

Given Sony’s past record on extra hardware to go with Playstations, I think we know where this is going to end up.

Of course, without heads on time, it’s difficult to say, but Avenger replied, “If you mean it’s a bad resolution for something where your eye is going to be so close I doubt it. It’s a small screen, so that resolution is quite high and the Pixels Per Inch could likewise be the same (quite high for a small screen). I know the OLED and the 120fps will make it a visual treat, providing the technology as a whole works well.”

But really, it comes down to on thing. “The ‘reasonable price’ point will be where this lives or dies I think,” said Forrest_01, and he’s not wrong.

The potential for the future is similarly exciting if you’re really into your console firmware updates, and though Sony probably didn’t want this to leak quite so soon, PS4 Firmware 2.50 is looking rather good. It should finally deliver on the Suspend & Resume feature, add higher quality SharePlay, let you delete 0% trophy lists, remap buttons and plenty more besides.

“It’s about time we got suspend & resume,” said camdaz. “It was one of the PS4’s main features at the February reveal all those years ago. I leave my PS4 on pause and fair bit so I don’t have to wait while it boots up and re-loads the game.

However, there remain a number of sore points with missing features. MrJimmy wrote, “I feel seriously let down by the lack of media streaming. A no show on that is a poor show this far in. Sod anything else, that’s just farting around.”

And then there are the new problems that 2.50 will add. Avenger quite wittily asked, “It’d be great to delete the lacklustre 0% trophy lists, but I wonder, what about those fabled 1% trophy lists?”

Finally, Harmonix are working to revive one of their greatest game series, as they announced Rock Band 4. It’s a quite reaching announcement too, as they plan to support all the existing DLC tracks you might own from previous games, as well as support old peripherals, it eventually transpired.

Whether supported or not, the problem for blarty is “whether my existing peripherals are still working and/or have corroded battery compartment.” Though he hopes that Rock Band can scratch a similar itch to Rocksmith once more.

MrYd played the devil’s advocate once more – not that the devil really needs an advocate – as he pointed out that “it sounds like they want the old hardware to work with it, but it’s not 100% certain yet. And all the songs you might have bought will work eventually, once they get around to updating them all. You won’t have to pay again, but you might have a long wait.

“Also the pro guitar thing won’t be there and neither will keyboards. So we’ve gone from an exciting Rock Band 4 announcement to a somewhat dumbed-down game that might involve more hardware purchases.”

Jones81 is hopeful for another game series revival though, as he said, “I really hope DJ Hero comes back as well. That game was great and the mixes and track selection were amazing.”


Many of you are embroiled in the middle of games, and so this section perhaps isn’t quite as big as it could be, but there were still plety of achievements this past week.

TSBonyman, for example, had a rather enjoyable time as he completed The Order: 1886, while JustTaylorNow grabbed the platinum (and also celebrated his first wedding anniversary).

Meanwhile, B_Cambo earnt two platinums in one day with Guacamelee and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Crazy_Del broke his drought with the platinum for Hitman: Blood Money. JR. then came along to finish and platinum Far Cry 4.

There were also a few record shouts, as BadBoyBoogie staked his claim to Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS3 and Dying Light on PS4, and Avenger also dug into the last generation for the platinum of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3.

Finally, it’s not all about the platinum trophies, with Youles teaming up with myself and Bunimomike to quite literally crash our way through the ending of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, while hornet1990 made short work of both normal and crushing difficulty levels on UC3 – though he is clearly on the way to the platinum.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest trophy leaderboard. Meanwhile, I leave you with the usual submissions form below:

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