DICE Release More Star Wars: Battlefront Details, Split Screen Is Local Co-Op Only

DICE and EA have been talking more about Star Wars: Battlefront over the weekend so here is a quick round up of the latest news.

  • The game will be set on four planets with numerous maps of various sizes on each planet. It had previously been rumoured that there would only be eight maps, just two per planet.
  • The game will be set during the original trilogy, apart from the bonus DLC to tie in the with new movie.
  • There are no space battles but you can can take to the skies and dogfight over the planet’s surface.
  • There is a progression system but you will not be able to customise your characters.
  • There is no single player campaign but there are “Missions” that allow you to play solo or cooperatively with bots on or offline.
  • Split screen is only available in local (offline) co-op games.
  • The game will run at 60fps according to the Battlefront design director.
  • The game will not use Battlelog.
  • There will be a “Deluxe” digital version costing an extra $10 that unlocks three weapons from the start of the game (rather than grinding for them) and includes two cosmetic “emotes”.

I think EA need to discuss some of these points further, if the PS4 and Xbox One can generate the graphics shown in trailer at 60fps and split screen then I shall eat one of my very fashionable hats. Come to think of it, if they can generate graphics like those seen in the trailer at 30fps and single screen I shall eat one my hats as well, I’m not convinced the final game will look anything like the trailer.


Meanwhile, Sony have also released a video of  SCEA VP Adam Boyes piloting an X-Wing and unleashing his inner fanboy.

Source: VG247 / PSL / Twitter / GameInformer



  1. I remember seeing some clever dialogue along the lines of ‘all footage is shown using the game engine’ or some such statement, but that’s completely different from the actual game running on a PS4. What the game engine is capable of and what it can run on a PS4 are two completely different things, so I doubt you’ll be eating one of your fashionable hats this year.

  2. I must be the Only person who thinks Star Wars is just a boring films that got overhyped through the years, even the new film trailer was meh.

    As for this game, no story, the name is what’s selling it to many but as far as it sounds like titanfall, no story driven campaign

  3. There’s no way it’s going to look like that trailer. The line “game engine footage”, rather than “in game footage”, says it all. What’s that running on? The whole of NASA?

  4. No online splitscreen has me reconsidering an early purchase. Will probably wait and see how many of my friends pick it up now.

  5. Star Wars, once a series of movies enjoyed by millions , now a series of online mp battles enjoyed by minions.


  6. I find it peculiar that with just over 6 months to release we still haven’t seen any game play. Unusual for big budget games. Why are they so keen to hide it?

    • I can only assume they have been saving it up for e3 this year. First gameplay footage released, major hype, game then releases just a few months later. I’d prefer it if more companies did that to be honest instead of showing off a game and then not releasing it for 3+ years (The Division for exmaple)

  7. Talk about a conflict of emotions. On the one hand it looks awesome and I want it. On the other hand… Origin :(

  8. I totally get that for some star wars is meh – but many of those of my age remember it as the sweeping creative force of the late 70s which shaped so much of Sci fi and cinema sinc. Plus, this game is the right trilogy yaay !!

  9. To be fair, if you look at the text at the end of the trailer it not only says “game engine footage” but also “representative of Playstation 4 gameplay” or something like that.

    Yes, it looks nicer than I would expect a PS4 game to look, but on the other hand, when it comes out it will have been two years since Shadow Fall and more than one year since Second Son. And those games look rather smashing.

    I’m more worried about this apparent lack of competitive local play, to be honest. Also, is there going to be a (nother) Battlefront 2, or are they going to fragment the (mandatory) online playerbase with lots of DLC as the movies come out?

  10. This game is OFF my buy list now.

    There are FTP games out there that have more content than what they’re asking £50 for…

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