[UPDATE] Rumour Has It Silent Hills Is Alive – And Will Be Xbox One Exclusive

This sounds highly unlikely given that Konami, Kojima, Del Toro and Norman Reedus have all said that Silent Hills is dead in the water, but an anonymous source has told Rooster Teeth that Microsoft is in talks with Konami to buy Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive.

The source says the game is 80% complete and Microsoft are throwing huge amounts of money at Konami to secure the game. They also say that P.T. was removed from the store “as a show of good faith to Microsoft.”

The 80% complete comment sounds like a big pile of steaming doo-dah to me, Konami themselves described the cancelled game as “embryonic”.

The source also said the game is said to be revealed at E3 and could be out as early as March 2016. Microsoft have given the usual “does not comment on rumour or speculation” response.

It all sounds highly unlikely to me but if there is some code Konami would be stupid not to give it to Microsoft and take their money. However that would no doubt sour Konami’s relationship with PlayStation and, of course, anger an hell of a lot of people. But hey, money, and given Konami’s recent antics I wouldn’t put it past them.

Meanwhile, Norman Reedus has been tweeting in support of a campaign to get the game on PlayStation, so he obviously hasn’t heard the rumours yet.

UPDATE: As we suspected, a load of tosh.

Source: Rooster Teeth via IGN



  1. A PS4 exclusive turned into an X1 exclusive, has anything like that ever happened before?

    80% finished? Why would they cancel it in the first place when it was so well received…

    Taking with a teaspoon of salt.

    • Well Halo was supposed to be a Mac exclusive…

  2. As much as I enjoy thinking badly of Microsoft, this sounds way too far-fetched to be true. My understanding is that P.T. was essentially an acid test for the main game, so they would’ve wanted to gauge reactions to it before starting work on Silent Hills proper. Not to mention the fact that Kojima’s been working on MGSV for the last few years, so when did he find the time to complete 80% of Silent Hills?

  3. even if this rumour is true, without Kojima and Del Toro this game will be a pile of rubbish like the other recent Silent Hill games.

  4. That rumour has Microsoft’s offer in the billions.

    Silent Hill has never been a big seller, with no game breaking a million sales apparently.

    There’s no way Microsoft would turn a profit even by buying the whole Silent Hill IP and making multiple games – especially when you consider the last great one was Silent Hill 2.

    • Unless it’s Billions of Yen.

      • Well the rumour was dollars, which made it really clear just how stupid it was to be honest.

    • umm Silent Hill 2 sold over 1 million on the PS2 alone. not sure were you got that info from.

  5. “80% complete”
    Although I have no interest in the game, I very much doubt Konami would have pulled the plug had it been that far down the line.

  6. God I get sick of 3rd party exclusives. I don’t mind exclusives when they make sense i.e. Sony or Microsoft own the developers that make the game but just saying “have a big bag of money for our console” just annoys!

  7. Ah, that ended quick.

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