PS One Classic Rollcage Is Getting A Spiritual Successor Called Grip

Exciting news everyone! Rob Baker, developer of the original Rollcage and it’s long forgotten sequel, Rollcage Stage II, is about to launch a Kickstarter for his new game Grip.

Due to legal reasons it’s not a proper sequel to Rollcage but it does feature flat vehicles with chunky wheels, weapons, and the ability to drive on the ceiling.

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“Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4, over the last few months we’ve managed to produce a working prototype of everything that made Rollcage the classic game that it is,” said Rob in a blog post. “The obscene weaponry, the devastating destruction, the hardcore handling, the insane speed coupled with those bombastic explosions. And yes, even driving on the ceilings. You name it. Grip, guns and gears, it’s got it all.”

Grip will be heading to Kickstarter in the next few weeks and we will be keeping a close eye on it.

Source: Codemonkey



  1. It won’t have a Moving Shadow soundtrack!

  2. Amazing. I’ll definitely follow this closely, I loved the original Rollcage. The demo for it was one of those that I played for longer than some full games last.

  3. This is awesome news. Incidentally, as the Rollcage games were published by Psygnosis, does that mean Sony owns the IP?

    • Yup.

      • Just think of all those long dormant IPs Sony must be sitting on. Hopefully the Shadow of the Beast reboot will be a success, as it could encourage Sony to revive other classic franchises.

  4. Never heard of Rollcage but I like vehicular combat games, I’ll keep an eye out on this one.

  5. Whaaaaaaat!! Shame this news didn’t make it out during E3, it would won hands down! I don’t care what platform its on, ill back this, and then crack out my copy of RCS2 for some scrambling.

  6. Aaaargh, Rollcage 1 & 2 are my favourite racers ever, so excited!!! This is brilliant news!

  7. Rollcage was brilliant, actually thought it was better than wipeout. Such a fun game.

  8. I’ve still got my copy of Rollcage and it still get played now and then. The demo used to get utterly rinsed though, back in the days when demos generated as much hype as the games eventual release.

    I hope they get the feel of this game right and the vehicles have some real weight.

  9. If Sony do own Psygnosis, does that mean we might see a new Destruction Derby game?!?!??!?

  10. Played that demo more than I played some recent titles!

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