The Spirit Of P.T. Lives On In Allison Road

So we’re not getting Silent Hills and P.T. is gone forever, sad times. However, a group of developers have got together to create Allison Road, a new game heavily influenced by P.T.

“When I played P.T. I was amazed by the visual fidelity and the fact that the environment is so small, and yet the game is so effective in its delivery,” said developer Christian Kesler. “At that point I realized that I don’t need to do a big open world game; the entire thing can just be set in a house.”

Whilst the game is currently being developer for PC and Oculus Rift, console (and Project Morpheus) versions may be on the cards. ” I am currently talking to PlayStation and ID@Xbox, but as of right now I can’t confirm anything. It’s ongoing,” commented Christian.

Source: Emuglx


  1. Once the money comes in I’ll be waiting for Konami to come sue these developers for something they have no interest in creating a sequel.

  2. Looks really good, but I don’t know how well these kind of games will play in VR – I think they might be a bit too scary. Even your just being brought close to a cliff edge in VR it’s pretty extreme.

  3. If this makes it to PS4, then this game’s Game Over banner is what will be burned into my TV screen when the find me dead on my sofa after a week

  4. So it seems that VR will be the flash in the pan gimmick for this gen then I guess?

    Happens with every gen – Camera stuff for PS2, Move controls & 3D for PS3 & now VR for PS4. It’s like these things are all on a rotational basis, every few years they each crop up again (& tend to get forgotten about quite quickly… Especially by me!).

    • first time i agree with you. for some reason Sony loves wasting money on gimmicks every gen then wonder how they are losing money. VR and also PS Now will be very expensive mistakes for Sony this gen then they will cry when they lose another few billion dollars. just imagine how many games they could have invested in for PS4 if they didn’t waste on VR and PS Now.

      • Sony loses money, not PlayStation (in the past 5 years or more, depending on accounting methods) . For a large electronics company R&D costs of a single VR headset is almost trivial. Nowhere near billions of dollars.

        But if the software they make for it is a loss if it doesn’t sell well though. And I agree PS now is expensive, but it could prove a valuable investment in time.

    • Completely disagree about VR been a fad, I believe it’s going to be a game changer. I think people need to experience it first before brushing it aside as some fad.

  5. Looks just like my mate’s house in Dulwich, lol! Why an American protagonist? And what’s with the radio music at 2am in South London?!

  6. It looks great, it would be a shame if this didn’t come to console too, but especially PS4 given that’s where it started.

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