Grip Gets A New Trailer

Someone’s ears must have been burning as it was only moments ago I was moaning to the other TSA staff that there are no arcade racers left. Oh what we would give for a remastered Blur or Split/Second. The good news is we are – Kickstarter pending – getting a brand new updated version of PSOne classic, Rollcage, in the shape Grip.

The video is of the prototype which has been developed by just two people, and they are aiming to release the game on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: YouTube


  1. I loved Rollcage on the PSX, and will definately check out Grip. Looks like a smashing time.

    While we’re on the topic of arcade racer wish lists, allow me to butt in:
    What I wouldn’t give for a Burnout 2-4 remaster (without the Paradise open world nonsense) and an SSX Tricky remaster.

    I miss the immediacy of these games, and the “one more go” replay value when you could fine tune your skills on one track without all the fuss in between. Choose character, choose track, choose event, go.
    Go, go, go!

    OH! how I miss it.

    • Indeed, all great examples of the arcade game genre which seems to have died along with the arcades.

      No I do not want to create a character, assign them gems, choose their outfit, pick their vehicle, paint their vehicle, modify their vehicle, choose a faction, choose an emblem and finally, choose a theme tune BEFORE I CAN PLAY THE BLOODY GAME.

      Press Start, pick a car, GO.

      Also: Bring back Powerdrift!

      • I would definitely go for a Blur/Split Second remaster. Split Second especially, as that game was just bloody awesome. But I fear these titles have probably basically just died a death as both devs have gone bust haven’t they?

        However, the Burnout games mentioned above would be good, probably as a collection (although I also wouldn’t say no to a PS4 paradise &/or paradise 2) & I was one of the few that actually preferred Motorstorm Apocalypse to its predecessors, so a new game in that vein would be great.

        SSX Tricky is also a good shout, but I would also throw a few of the Tony Hawk games in there too. Thought they might be remastered like what happened with THPS HD, but doesn’t look like that’s what they are doing (being that they are currently working on the divisive THPS 5).

      • What the new Tony Hawks are missing is local multiplayer. Remember Graffitti mode?

      • I do indeed – This was included in THPS HD. Can’t recall whether it had local mp or not, but that would be a minor concern to me these days due to having no-one locally to play it with! ;)

      • There’s no local multi at all in THPSHD, sat down with my two mates that I used to play the originals with, and we were gutted.

  2. Very promising look to it. Keep us posted! :D

  3. I want this so much already. I would prefer a Split/Second 2 and a Blur 2 rather than remaster please. So much of this gen has been a look back instead of a forward momentum.

    • Trouble is though that as I mentioned/questioned above, I believe both devs have gone the way of the dodo, so sequels to them (or remasters for that matter) would unfortunately be highly unlikely.

      Motorstorm Apocalypse 2 could still happen though! ;)

      • I know I know :-( A man can dream haha. MSA2 would make me shake with excitement like a fat man trapped in an ice cream van

  4. Wow, looks bloody amazing!! Rollcage was truly special, this on new consoles would be a real treat.

  5. Never heard of Rollcage but this looks like fun, I hope it’ll have local multiplayer!

  6. Rollcage was amazing, and they seem to have captured its essence very well, based on that video.

    My wallet is poised, ready to pounce on that Kickstarter.

    • Same here, assuming it’s coming to PS4 of course. Fingers crossed!

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