[UPDATE] The GRIP Kickstarter Is Live, Back The PS4 Version For A Tenner

We don’t usually cover Kickstarters on TSA because there are so many of them, but GRIP has caught out attention because it is the spiritual successor to the rather good PS One game, Rollcage.

The Kickstarter fund is now live and they are hoping to raise $657,000 in Canadian dollars, roughly half a million bucks or £320,000. For just over £10 you can back the project and receive a digital copy of the PS4 or PC game when it launches at the end of next year. Of course there are many other levels at which you can back the project, for example an extra seven pounds will get you in to the beta.

As you might expect the game will include a host of weapons, three planets to race around, loads of customisation, and a thumping soundtrack from new and established producers. The game is listed for PlayStation 4 and PC, Xbox owners may have to wait.

“Following our main, general release on PC and PS4, we will then take a view on whether to release on other platforms,” say developers Caged Element. “If the user figures are good, and we have the funds to do it, then we will do just that. If so, we anticipate that this will take in the order of 2 to 3 months to port, with delivery sometime during Q2 2017.”

Arcade racers are few and far on the PlayStation 4 as the two big Sony franchises, Motorstorm and Wipeout, are absent. I shall be backing my first Kickstarter, are you tempted?

For more information on the game, head on over to the Kickstarter.

UPDATE: As you can see below, David from GRIP has cleared up the slight confusion regarding the pricing. There are 1,000 digital copies of the game up for grabs for $21 – ten quid in proper money. There are also an unlimited number of digital copies of the game for $26, roughly £13, plus of course, the higher tiers with the added goodies.

Source: Kickstarter


  1. Think I may join you Tuffcub, I too am a kickstarter virgin but the love of the original Rollcage has me seriously considering backing GRIP. Plus Ten pound for a digital copy, a bargain right there, you would almost feel guilty!

  2. Very tempted. Will have a think about it and possibly throw some money their way when I invoice a couple of clients. Would love to see this game happen. :-)

  3. I absolutely want to back this game!
    From what I can tell though, you have to put in 34 canadian dollars (16-17 GBP) to receive a digital copy, the lower amounts gives you a discount.

    • I’m confused by that (I’ve commented on the Kickstarter page for clarification) as yes it says “Speeder” @$21CAD level gets you “Digital copy of GRIP on PC or PS4 at an early bird price” but in the table near the bottom with all the levels detailed it says the “Speeder” level gets a “Digital copy of GRIP”, no mention of discount.

      • Okay, thanks, please keep us in the loop if you hear anything :)

      • Yeah it’s a little confusing, does look like its the $34 tier that gets you the full game, the lower tiers get you the game at a discounted price so have to pay a bit more when it comes out. $34 is £16.70 tho, so not much more that then “discounted” tiers, might as well go for that.

      • From a reply I got (not from the developer) the impression is that it maybe should say “Get a copy of the game at THIS Kickstarter price” meaning the game will release more expensive than this tier. As this tier is quantity limited I’m starting to think the original idea is true, you do get the game for a tenner. But I’ll update if I get official confirmation.

      • The official response is: “yep, that means you get a voucher for the game at $16 USD. Apologies for the confusion”

        For context my question was: “Does the “Speeder” tier get you a copy of the game or a discount on the game when released?”

        So looks like the original post saying you get the game for £10 is correct :)

  4. Loved RollCage on PS One. £10 for a PS4 game is cheap and it is looking good from the video so I’ve dived in! Out Dec 2016 so will be a nice treat that I will probably have forgotten about by then ha! Thanks for the heads up TSA :)

  5. Absolutely loved the original, and very thankful that you posted this story as I’d likely have ended up missing the Kickstarter despite knowing it was coming.

    Backed, hope to see it made!

  6. Thanks for posting this story! I’ve backed it, loved Rollcage so so much, I want to see this succeed. My first Kickstarter, no hesitation.

  7. Hi guys,

    David here from GRIP. Thanks so much for the story and support.

    Just wanted to personally clear up some of the confusion.

    $21 (Canadian) is the early bird price and will get you a digital copy of GRIP. That’s the full shipped game, NOT a discount. You get to chose if you want that PC through Steam or PS4 through PSN. We’re giving away 1,000 of these.

    $26 (Canadian) is a special Kickstarter price for the full game. You will get a full shipped digital version of GRIP, again, NOT a discount. This price is guaranteed to be lower than retail. These are at present unlimited.

    In our effort to try to be clear that we are offering special Kickstarter prices as a thank you for backing us, we appear to have done the opposite. Sorry about that.

    I hope this now clears that up and once again, thank you so much for your support. It’s great to know there’s people out there that want this game as much as we do. I really hope we get the opportunity to make it for you all.


  8. Thanks for the update, I very nearly spent the wrong amount. Very excited for this, the trailer and concept art look wonderful. Rollcage Stage 2 was the best racer on the PS2, fact.

    • On the PSone. ;)
      I know it was so good you could easily mistake it for a PS2 game though.

  9. Backing this myself. Gone for the physical PS4 copy. Fingers crossed

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