September’s Games With Gold Includes Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition & Crysis 3

Microsoft has announced the next batch of games that will be part of the Games With Gold promotion. This list includes Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and The Deer God for Xbox one, while Battlestations Pacific and Crysis 3 will be available on Xbox 360. Last month’s offering of How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition will also be available until September 16th too.

  • The Deer God (Xbox One) – September 1st to September 30th.
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) – September 16th to October 15th.
  • Battlestations Pacific (Xbox 360) – September 1st to September 15th.
  • Crysis 3 (Xbox 360) – September 16th to September 30th

So if you haven’t grabbed the current games then you’ll need to so do soon. Those games are Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and So Many Me on Xbox One, while Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are available on Xbox 360.

Source: Xbox News Wire



  1. just a bit better than ps+ next month then….

    • Really?

      Let’s see, shall we?

      Deer God (pixelly shite with a metacritic score of 58 for the PC)

      Tomb Raider (otherwise known as “some game with a Tomb Raider name slapped on it to fool people”, which PS+ gave us ages ago, but I guess it’s the tarted up “definitive” version, which scored 86)

      Battlestations Pacific (a 6 year old game with a score of 76)

      Crysis 3 (the worst of the 3 Crysis games, again scoring 76)

      Making an average of 74

      And the PS+ games for September? 1 hasn’t been reviewed anywhere, 2 have 75 and 80 for the PC versions, the others scored 78, 76 and 76. Making an average of 77 for those 5 (which could go up or down depending on the last game)

      So therefore, PS+ wins September ;)

      • Except there’s three AAA titles there. Nevermind as long as you enjoy the metacritic ratings on those PS plus games, I can only imagine they enhance the gameplay.

      • As long as you enjoy the 6 year old games and the weird idea that throwing lots of money at it to count as a “AAA” game automatically makes them any good or better than any “indie” games.

        Neither Sony or MS have come up with a terrible offering for September, really. If anyone can honestly look at either selection and say there’s not even one game worth playing, they might need to look for a new hobby. Games obviously aren’t for you.

      • Metacritic, lol. If i wanted Indie games i wouldnt have paid £350 for a console to play them, i can play crap like that on my phone. It amazes me that the fan boys still side with one side or the other even when games for one platform are clearly better.

        personally i dont care as i own both but for anyone to say PS+ has had better offerings this month and the uses metacritic to back that up, well thats just laughable to be honest.

      • Metacritic, ha ha. I’m pretty sure you’ve downplayed the sites relevance when it came to Driveclub & The Order’s metascores.

        I’m pretty sure the majority would choose the xbox offerings this month is given the choice.

      • Would they? Or would they be complaining about Tomb Raider (second time this year from MS), some retro pixel crap, a 6 year old game and the Crysis game that everyone seemed to hate.

        And by everyone, I obviously mean that vocal minority that will moan at anything, not the rest who probably think “Meh. Not as good as the first 2 games”.

        How much complaining was there last time Sony repeated a PS+ game?

        And yes, I was being sarcastic in claiming PS+ wins September. Neither really wins. Both have a selection of what appear to be perfectly decent games. Sony are giving us newer ones, and MS appear to be repeating themselves. But both decent enough selections.

        Still, I got a good laugh out of the “fan boys” and “games for one platform are clearly better”. That’s how you do irony. I think. Or you just plug it in, burn a couple of shirts, and wonder why you’re doing your pants because who’s going to see them anyway?

        Oh, crap. That’s ironing, isn’t it?

      • I have to agree with James, Games With Gold may have some older games but Tomb Raider and Crysis are big AAA games, with explosive cut scenes, voice acting and hours of gameplay.

        Compared to an indie pixel thing – no matter how good the gameplay is – PS+ looks very poor. We’re coming to the PS4’s second birthday, there are games such as Knack that you can;t buy in shops anymore, there is no reason Knack, or Killzone SF couldnt be on PS+. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, NFS: Rivals, al;so could be chucked in to promote the new games.

      • comparing shit which is GWG with trash which is ps plus doesn’t make trash any better. bothh services are awful and i wouldn’t be surprised if both dropped the free games became they have gamers by the balls with multiplayer paywall.

      • “really? Lets see shall we?” hehehe – heaven forbid anyone should disagree with the great and powerful MrYd. TSA is a place for opinions so please stop getting arsey because some people have different opinions to you.

      • @ MrYd – You should so change your name to The Great and Powerful MrYd :D

      • But I have no special powers. Apart from the ability to summon ice cream vans. And that only happened once. Plus I’m not allowed to use that for evil, which takes all the fun out of it.

        Anyway, I think it was meant in a sarcastic way. Which I don’t really have a problem with either.

        I’m now confused as to who’s getting arsey with who here though. Am I allowed an opinion or not? People accusing me of thinking others aren’t seem to think I shouldn’t. Possibly. I don’t even agree with myself half the time anyway, so you can imagine how much I care if anyone else’s opinions are different to mine, before I even consider if they’re right or not.

      • Seems like you may have rubbed misstroywithers up the wrong way at some point – Which sounds much more like a drunken mistake than it needs to.

  2. I bet the Microsoft Games With Gold team almost wet themselves when the saw Sony’s PS+ line up announcement yesterday.

    • It’s funny that MS haven’t done much special here. Sony are pretty much doing it to themselves.

      • Can’t get Radiohead out of my head now! ;)

  3. Sony are dropping the ball lately. Fair play to MS between games with gold and EA access i have not needed to buy a game for my xbox yet.

  4. Some great games there this month. Battlestations and Dear God both look interesting even though generally I’m not a fan of pixelated games.

    Giving Tomb Raider away is a smart move by MS with the new game out at the end of the year.

    I haven’t played Crysis 3. I downloaded it when it was on ps plus last year but it’s still on my hdd. Like most of the games still are.

    MS are in quite a good position here. They can give away decent last gen games with Gold that Sony already gave us 2-3 years ago. Unless Sony start giving us the same games again which probably wouldn’t go down very well.

    I do wish they would start throwing in a few AAA games with plus on the PS4 but I suppose they’re not really under any preassure to yet.

  5. Quite impressive that the xboxone GwG has now had 5 retail release games given away. (Rayman, Metal Gear, Worms, AC4, TR:DE)

  6. Considering tomb raider has been in sale for so long on PSN most of the people of my friend list are playing it, it’s not much of heart breaker. Plus since the next tomb raider is timed exclusive only makes sense to try convince people to buy it by playing this one first.

  7. I was thinking about picking tomb raider definitive up for PS4 but now I’ll just snag this version, I think I can handle the half framerate for saving some cash!

    I’ve got Crysis 3 on PC already, so no need to play through an emulated 360 copy.

    Not sure about the other two?

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