Cliff Bleszinski’s Next Game Is The Gravity Defying LawBreakers

Set in the far flung future, experiments on the Moon caused it to break up in a cataclysmic event that had dire consequences for the Earth below. Huge earthquakes wracked the world, tsunamis crashed onto coasts and vast swathes of civilisation were wiped out. Humanity rebuilt in a world with thoroughly different concepts of gravity, but as technology advanced, so too did the ambitions of the gangs, teaming up to launch a full scale assault on America.

That’s the basic setting of Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions’ new game, LawBreakers, set for release next year under a free-to-play model. It sees Bleszinski return to the first person shooter genre, as Breaker gangs engage in gravity defying battles with US law enforcement – hence the game’s name.


Gravity manipulation, jet packs and grappling hooks will all play a key role in the fast paced 5v5 FPS action, with Bleszinski saying that you want to stay off the floor as much as possible. During the Q&A live stream that followed the announcement, it was further revealed that there would be a mixture of energy weapons and more conventional ones and both male and female characters to play as, in what sounds like it will be a class-based system.

We’ve added the announcement trailer above, which was all story and CGI, but on the plus side, gameplay is just around the corner:


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  1. I was interested, until I heard it was Free 2 Play.

    Plus haven’t we had enough sci-fi shooters recently? They’re all the same. Take me back to modern warfare, or even better, WW2.

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