The Grip Kickstarter Has Been Cancelled

Bad news everyone, the Grip Kickstarter has been cancelled due to lack of interest. The game was being created as a spiritual successor to Rollcage for both PC and PlayStation 4.

“Yes, we realized a while ago (as did many of you) that things were not looking positive for reaching our funding goal,” posted Chris from Grip. “That said, we continued to push. We released a new action-packed trailer. We did interviews. We tweeted, emailed and posted everywhere we could. Sadly, we just did not receive the exposure we needed to maintain the momentum.”

The good news – at least for PC owners – is that the team are moving the game in to Steam Early Access and will launch with a new build no later than November 30th 2015.

The team have now launched a Paypal/Stripe campaign on their website where you can buy an early access code. Funding from this campaign will help development of “the current build of GRIP into something more playable and therefore more fun.”

There’s no mention of what will happen to the PS4 version.

UPDATE: Just spotted this on Faceboook, huzzah!

Just to clarify, early access is for PC only. Though will still have plans for a beta release as well as full release on PS4

Source: Kickstarter


  1. Nooooooooo!
    I need this game on PS4!

  2. They should bring it to the xbox’s game preview as well. Rollcage was so good.

  3. That’s a shame – I really wanted that to happen

  4. Fingers crossed we’ll eventually see it on PS4.

  5. Surely Sony should be looking at this game as an entry level for the quality of games being released to PS+, and then get their sales guys round this dev studio to sign an exclusive PS+ deal.
    Just look at the quality of Rocket League and the amazing success that has been on PS+. Surely GRIP looks to be in the same quality banding as Rocket League.

  6. I just realised that I’ve played Rollcage! It was years ago, on a computer belonging to some friend of my dad’s, but that game was fun.

    This would be great on PS4, we need a combat racer for that console badly.

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