Dragon’s Dogma Online Shows Off Some Hot 8-Player Action

Dragon’s Dogma Online officially launched earlier this month in Japan. Borrowing from the original game’s vast world and bestiary of creatures, the MMO sequel is already enjoying a fair amount of popularity in Japan – within twenty four hours of its release, 700,000 accounts were registered. Available on PS3, PS4, and PC, Online lets players team up and engage in epic fantasy battles with their friends.



Judging from what’s been shown through trailer and broadcasts, it’s not far off from what players experienced with Dragon’s Dogma back in 2012. Weighty combat and huge bosses are a core focus, albeit with multiplayer in mind. The game even allows up eight allies to quest together, as shown in the trailer above.

In short, it looks like the Monster Hunter game PlayStation fans have been craving since the series’ defection to Nintendo platforms. There’s no word on an English version just yet though – something we hope will change towards the year’s end.



  1. That’s not how the Playstation Camera is supposed to be used!

    Also, stop teasing us with things that probably aren’t going to get released here.

  2. Watching some broadcast the other day and it’s just as good as the original,please let this hit the West.

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