GRIP Enters Early Access

Spiritual sequel to PlayStation One racer Rollcage, GRIP, has entered Steam Early Access and can be picked up for £11.99. You may remember the game was originally Kickstarted, before that was cancelled and the team decided to go straight to Steam, with a a view to releasing a PlayStation 4 version when the game was up to scratch.

The Steam reviews are almost universally positive with the developers, who made the original Rollcage, continually interacting with the community to improve the game.

Source: Steam


  1. The only game I backed on Kickstarter and it failed to hit the target, typical!

    Hope enough PC peeps plunge into the unfinished game to fund the PS4 version for me, in a rather selfish fashion :)

  2. I backed this too, was very disappointed when the Kickstarter project ended but the news we’ve had since has been very encouraging! I think I’ll wait to get this on the PS4, it’s looking good though.

  3. I’m grabbing this as of… now!

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