Team17 Announce Sheltered For PlayStation 4

Sheltered can be a pretty dark game, as you try to keep your family alive in a decrepit fallout shelter, gradually fixing it and occasionally venturing forth to scavenge from the local area. You’ll be dealing with everything from moral choices to the effects of claustrophobia, radiation and exhaustion.

Though it’s been available for a while now via Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access, and is steadily making its way toward release, it’s had no place to go on PlayStation 4, as Sony have no comparable pre-release set up in place. However, Team17 and Unicube have announced that the game will in fact be coming to PlayStation 4, and while they stop short of saying when – there’s no final release date for any platform – it’s good to see that it’s on the way.

That is, of course, unless you really hate pixel art. Here’s the most recent Dev Diary update from the game and the Bloodlines update:

Source: press release


  1. “That is, of course, unless you really hate pixel art.” – Thanks Tef!

  2. We’ve reached an all-time low when there’s a video featuring devs reading out bugs they’re fixing. :-\

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