What We Played #240: Dying Light: The Following, Unravel & Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

It’s Friday! Dear God it’s Friday! We’re mere moments away from the end of the working week and the bountiful gaming hours that the weekend holds, though with the obstacles of a trip to the shops or perhaps finally putting that shelf up, you may have to barge your way through to them.

We’ve been playing games – which is handy because we work for a gaming website – and in the past seven days some of us have had to fight through some real dross to find the bountiful pleasures of a good game, while other lucky buggers have just swanned in and lucked out with some of the finest gaming of the year so far.

Supreme Leader Tef was the first to check in, as is his right, and he’s been playing a very dull game called Final Cut Pro X – the X makes it slightly cooler – well into the wee small hours. The result though are all those lovely videos that have appeared on the site this week including those for Dying Light: The Following, Firewatch, Hitman, XCOM 2 and Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC. By that virtue I think he’s actually played all of those games as well, so it’s probably not all been dull.

Miguel was next up, though he’s been far from prolific this week, instead concentrating on getting work done in time for an onslaught of gaming goodness over the next week. He did however drop back into Bravely Default in an attempt to finally finish it, but with the looming release of the second one there’s not much time left! Go Miguel go!

With a large run of reviews to get through, Jim maintained his focus this week, beginning with the delightful Unravel before heading into musou territory with Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend;

“As TSA’s resident Warriors fan and correspondent, I found it to be a decent instalment in the hack and slash series yet more proof that developer Omega Force is starting to run out of new ideas. With an inevitable Dynasty Warriors 9 announcement to come – hopefully this year – let’s hope they can up their game!”

His last review of the week was for the less than inspiring Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, which he felt was punishingly difficult with inaccurate controls. Outside of the reams of writing, he also snuck in half a league season in FIFA 16 against his housemates, with the fates smiling on him and placing him at the top of the leaderboard with an awesome eight point lead!

Dave has also been riding the review train, setting himself up for next week with some story and survival mode fisticuffs in Street Fighter V, alien tactics in XCOM 2 and finally finishing Bravely Second on 3DS. All of that’s to come!

I’ve also been reviewing up a storm, a Ninja storm in fact with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marking an awesome end to the anime and the fighting series, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see more editions in the future, and given how good this one is that’s no bad thing. It’s also made me begin the series again, and I’ve now nearly finished Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which is still phenomenal. I also had less fun with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, but then as the sequel to the subject of one of my lowest scoring game reviews for TSA it wasn’t likely to set my world on fire, and though it tried, it still missed the mark with me.

Beyond the reviews I played some more LEGO Avengers over the weekend with Noah, and despite having a lot of fun with it, he still ultimately asked to put LEGO Jurassic World back on. I may have to hide the disc at this point as I can’t bring myself to play it anymore, and after 200+ hours that’s not that surprising. The Jurassic Park theme is beginning to haunt my dreams, and I fully believe that’s the point that you need to stop.

But enough about us, what have you been playing?



  1. Borderlands Pre-Sequel co-op with Forrest and Pixel.
    Started Unravel, finished the story off this afternoon, lots of secrets and stuff still to find.
    Lots and lots of Diablo, my new wizard build is fantastic, absolutely melts torment 10 and have managed to clear up to greater rift level 63 so far and in the
    process have gained about 200 billion XP in the last 3 days.
    Just making a start on EDF 4.1.

  2. I got the platinum out of Far Cry 4 finally. A also been playing and finished Unravel and I’m pushing FIFA close to platinum after only owning it for just over a week. The only problematic trophy on FIFA is going to be FUT drafts online. I’ll hopefully do it over the weekend.

  3. Mostly Fallout 4 again this week, but i also spent some time on the Tomorrow Children updated beta. I was disappointed by it, especially the harsh DoF which made it almost impossible to pick out any consistent landmark with which to navigate your way around the town. I spent most of my time just mining the islands and gathering resources, which was fine but i can already do that and a lot more in Minecraft. I was quite looking forward to this game but i don’t think it’s going to be for me now.
    Another few vain attempts at Binding of Isaac. Why is it i can repeatedly get to the end but always die during the last level.. :/
    I’m savouring Unravel, only had time to play the first two levels yet but no issues so far. Apart from one occasion where i must have made around 20 attempts to jump over one obstacle… only to then realise i was actually meant to walk under it! xD
    I had a few quick spins in Driveclub to check out some of the new tracks and features. I would have preferred a new point-to-point track over all tracks being circuits but i’m not complaining. The tracks look great, especially the cobblestones and i’m happy to have some new photo-opps too.
    Oh and some Lego demo, possibly The Avengers. It was less than i expected.

  4. Working through the Vita backlog on my commute – got addicted to Run Like Hell. Tried Helldivers but Vita controls are a bit pants! Might try History of War next week.

  5. I’ve been playing fallout 4. I was waiting for a patch to come out before I invested in it as I know how glitchy Bethesda can be when first released. I have died A LOT so far, that first deathclaw killed me a quite a few times before I discovered I could turn the difficulty down, put it back up again after finally killing it. I also got it delivered using the new Amazon Prime 2 hour delivery service. I was very impressed and can see myself using it again in the future.

  6. Fallout 4, nearing the end, I think now is the point where I make an important save so I can still do both endings.

  7. Firewatch, it was fantastic (and free of bugs for me).

  8. Picked up a cheap copy of Battlefield 4 in the recent PSN sale (£10, can’t go wrong really). Campaign is a bit rubbish (as expected I guess) but the multiplayer is good fun and I’ve had some cracking rounds of Conquest already.

    • That’s another game I really should get back to at some point. Never even started the single player (as lets be honest, the real draw is always going to be the multi player). I do recall being terrible at it compared to BF3 though (not even really sure why as it isn’t like they are worlds apart!).

      However, HDD space is lacking right now & this is quite the space hog with all of the additional DLC’s. Around 65GB I think? Would have to have a serious rethink if I am to get that back on any time soon! :O

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