What We Played #240: Dying Light: The Following, Unravel & Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

It’s Friday! Dear God it’s Friday! We’re mere moments away from the end of the working week and the bountiful gaming hours that the weekend holds, though with the obstacles of a trip to the shops or perhaps finally putting that shelf up, you may have to barge your way through to them.

We’ve been playing games – which is handy because we work for a gaming website – and in the past seven days some of us have had to fight through some real dross to find the bountiful pleasures of a good game, while other lucky buggers have just swanned in and lucked out with some of the finest gaming of the year so far.

Supreme Leader Tef was the first to check in, as is his right, and he’s been playing a very dull game called Final Cut Pro X – the X makes it slightly cooler – well into the wee small hours. The result though are all those lovely videos that have appeared on the site this week including those for Dying Light: The Following, Firewatch, Hitman, XCOM 2 and Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC. By that virtue I think he’s actually played all of those games as well, so it’s probably not all been dull.

Miguel was next up, though he’s been far from prolific this week, instead concentrating on getting work done in time for an onslaught of gaming goodness over the next week. He did however drop back into Bravely Default in an attempt to finally finish it, but with the looming release of the second one there’s not much time left! Go Miguel go!

With a large run of reviews to get through, Jim maintained his focus this week, beginning with the delightful Unravel before heading into musou territory with Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend;

“As TSA’s resident Warriors fan and correspondent, I found it to be a decent instalment in the hack and slash series yet more proof that developer Omega Force is starting to run out of new ideas. With an inevitable Dynasty Warriors 9 announcement to come – hopefully this year – let’s hope they can up their game!”

His last review of the week was for the less than inspiring Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, which he felt was punishingly difficult with inaccurate controls. Outside of the reams of writing, he also snuck in half a league season in FIFA 16 against his housemates, with the fates smiling on him and placing him at the top of the leaderboard with an awesome eight point lead!

Dave has also been riding the review train, setting himself up for next week with some story and survival mode fisticuffs in Street Fighter V, alien tactics in XCOM 2 and finally finishing Bravely Second on 3DS. All of that’s to come!

I’ve also been reviewing up a storm, a Ninja storm in fact with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marking an awesome end to the anime and the fighting series, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see more editions in the future, and given how good this one is that’s no bad thing. It’s also made me begin the series again, and I’ve now nearly finished Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which is still phenomenal. I also had less fun with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, but then as the sequel to the subject of one of my lowest scoring game reviews for TSA it wasn’t likely to set my world on fire, and though it tried, it still missed the mark with me.

Beyond the reviews I played some more LEGO Avengers over the weekend with Noah, and despite having a lot of fun with it, he still ultimately asked to put LEGO Jurassic World back on. I may have to hide the disc at this point as I can’t bring myself to play it anymore, and after 200+ hours that’s not that surprising. The Jurassic Park theme is beginning to haunt my dreams, and I fully believe that’s the point that you need to stop.

But enough about us, what have you been playing?


  1. Life Is Strange – close to finishing episode 4, I am really enjoying it. However, the more of these Telltake-type games I’m playing, the more I have to play them in smaller doses – I need some gameplay, no matter how good the story is. I will probably have it finished over the weekend.

    The odd bit of Driveclub. I hate it when – like yesterday – they add an update with more trophies, and the DLC isn’t even out yet!! Looking forward to that though,

    Black Ops 3 – Awakening DLC. Played this lots (well, zombies at least). I managed to get a few of the trophies and upgrade to the Lighning Bow solo, but want to work on the other elemental bows before trying the Easter Egg! The new map and all it’s hidden secrets are wonderful!

    Hopefully starting Dying Light The Following DLC tomorrow!

    • I’ve never played a Telltale game but I’m tempted by Life is Strange, especially now there’s a complete physical copy (which says to me that it must be good!). Worth a punt you reckon? I do like a good story.
      Volume for me! Really enjoying it, nearly finished now. I bought Firewatch and booted it up for a quick half hour the other day, then thought I’d beat save it for the weekend when I’ll get a solid two or three hours with it. It’s the first time I’ve bought a PSN game on impulse, only really seeing one preview video and the TSA review.

      • Yeah, I think it’s worth a purchase mate, and like you say – the £25 price is better justified for a physical copy. Comes with the soundtrack which has been really good too. I’d say it’s a 8-10 hours game so not bad – not the kinda game you’re likely to replay again straight away though.

      • Thanks dude, it’s going on the list then!

  2. A bit of Dying light after the update (I’ll get around to buying the DLC someday), a bit of Driveclub (again, after the PS4 was flashing the “look what’s been updated!” message at me).

    And Disgaea 5. Lots of it. Finally got around to putting the time into it, and it’s the best one yet. Few chapters into the story, I start struggling. So I do the Disgaea grind thing. Helped by the new systems and a knowledge of the previous games (which isn’t a necessity, it just helps you speed things up if you know how it all works). Dive into item worlds. Just to gain a few levels. Won’t take long.

    10 hours later, I’m probably a bit overpowered and ready to quickly blast through the rest of the story and get to the fun bits. Dood.

    So I’ll be done by November, probably.

  3. First few levels of Unravel. Looks stunning, but found the controls a little annoying. Had to mute the music too.

    Then played through AC Russia, which I really enjoyed. Totally disagree with the TSA review. Gonna go back and play through India next.

    Then just a tiny little bit more of Tales from Borderlands. I swear I’ve been playing chapter one for about 10 hours so far?!!

  4. Nothing at all cos Gym.

    I have got a yummy Blueberry Cheescake Protein mix tho.

    • I find protein shakes really good for easing muscle stiffness but not much else to be honest. They’re bloody expensive too.

  5. Had a good few hours with avengerr on borderlands 2 this last week, playing into the early hours a couple of times as I’ve had a week off work. Last night was fun trying to complete 5 waves in the circle of slaughter, especially as I died on wave 4 and it wouldn’t let me back into the arena so avengerr had to complete the last wave solo whilst I listened intently in the next room. Still gave us both the trophy tho ;)
    Also grinding my way up the levels on skyrim to try for the legendary dragon trophy which appears after level 75. Currently level 70 and a half. Because I’ve basically completed everything on the game it’s taking ages to level-up, 3 and a half hours to get from 70 to 70.5.

    • Funnily enough I jumped onto the game today to adjust my skill points and weapon loadouts, and found an overlook on the side of that arena. I didn’t notice, but there was an elevator leading to the overlook meaning respawned players can snipe from there. Typical I found after the fact :/

      • That’s good to know for when we do the other arena ;)

  6. Nothing much here, platinum Drake’s fortune, my first platinum of the year, UC2 is next & should be done by Monday.

    Jumping in & out of pro clubs on Fifa

  7. Picked up the Platinum for Deadly Tower of Monsters sunday,Borderlands the Pre Sequel on monday and thursday night with R1MJAW an Forrest,sandwiched in there was Destiny with Forrest and Toutski and some Uncharted and Unravel,a bit of Adventures of Pip a little Diablo and several missions on E.D.F 4.1 and think i’ll start The Following shortly.

  8. Dying Light DLC (The Following) with Tef. Also, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Unravel. All good so far. Unravel, sadly, reminds me that I REALLY shouldn’t touch platformers unless it’s LBP and I have a friend to play it with. “Meh” to genres I think I’ll like but clearly don’t. Much. :-\

  9. Gave the first Assassins Creed a last go on Monday, really wanted to finish this. But, after some bad cursing and almost throwing my controller at the wall, due to rubbish controls and sudden difficulty spikes towards the end, I’ve finally given up, ripped this damn game from my drive and stored it away for good. That was my gaming week.

  10. Finally finished the main story of Zestiria. Decent game if a little laboured in places.

    My main achievement of the week was taking apart and thoroughly cleaning my DS4 controller (sticky buttons being all sticky was the problem) and it still working when I put it back together. Bit of WD40 and it feels like new.

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