Suzuki Join Driveclub Bikes In The New Expansion

Drivelcub Bikes gets the Suzuki Expansion Pack tomorrow which features six events, five trophies and two new bikes, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and the Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS.

To whet your appetite for the pack, here is a lovely trailer where the bikes race around the recently released Scottish town track.

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  1. Glad there will be Suzukis, will be picking this up! It makes me miss my GSX-R600 SRAD a lot! :(

  2. Anyone know how much it’s gonna cost?
    I could Google it but I’m idle.(it’s probably taken longer to type this than find out for myself so I’m thick as well)

    • Well, the previous ones were either £1.69 or £4.99. I’m guessing the 2 this week might be £4.99. Probably.

      And the other DLC this week (the car one) seems to have the trophies attached to the Bikes trophy list. Because they ran out of room on the main game.

      • Have to say that I am in awe of the support that this game gets, but it’s actually all getting a bit much for me now. It’s getting to the point with some games (Driveclub, Batman etc) that there are more trophies for the DLC that they have added than there are in the main bloody game!

      • Not really bothered about trophies but I’m happy the game is still getting excellent DLC so long after launch.

      • That last Batman game seems to have a silly amount of trophies. 65 and then another 45 for DLC?

        Driveclub is at 128, but 27 or 32 are the main game (the main tour technically counts as DLC and isn’t needed for the platinium). Which is quite a small number really, but quite a few are silver/gold. I think there’s a random limit Sony apply based on points (so less trophies if more are gold), and quite possibly an overall limit on the number of trophies (128 maybe?) And price seems to affect how many you’re allowed.

        Is there anything else with as many trophies? DC Universe Online has 123. The Uncharted remasters have 166, but that’s in 3 separate lists.

        I guess we count Driveclub as 159, since Bikes is really DLC for the game anyway?

      • I had no idea DCUO had that many either tbh! Blimey.

        Anyway, it doesn’t necessarily bother me that stuff is added to a game, or that this event brings new trophies – It‘s understandable. It is however a little disheartening to be so far through a game though (using Batman as an example) & only be a measly 26% complete as an overall. Plus then when you go in to look at the trophies, you see many many sections pertaining to DLC & you open it & it has just the one trophy in it. Huh?

        Bikes however cannot be classed as ‘DLC’ for DC (or at least not to bundle in those trophies too) as it’s standalone & has its own platinum. When that happens, it’s always treated as a separate game. :(

        Where that leaves the ‘most trophies’ question remains to be seen. Does sound like decent Google fodder though! ;)

      • No, Driveclub Bikes is definitely DLC. You access it from the main game, and it’s listed on the store as “Driveclub Bikes Expansion”.

        Of course, you can also buy it as a standalone thing too. Which isn’t unheard of. Assassin’s Creed did it with the Freedom Cry expansion for Black Flag. TLoU did it with the Left Behind DLC as well.

        So Bikes is definitely DLC, but also available as a standalone game. Just weird that the trophies aren’t in the main game, just the standalone one. (Those other examples have standalone trophy lists, and the trophies added to the main game as DLC lists). Which leaves Driveclub and the 159 trophies as the most for any game, even if it’s done in a weird way.

      • Cheers, and we all love trophies! Shiny!

  3. I’m afraid i still haven’t really warmed to the bikes as much as the cars but apart from that i’m still very much enjoying Driveclub.

  4. Well, I was wrong on the prices. The Suzuki and the No Limits expansion are both £2.99.

    In my defence, all of the previous expansions have cost more or less than that.

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