Driveclub Bikes To Receive Free EBR Pack On November 17th

Evolution Studios has revealed details about some free content that will be coming November 17th for both Driveclub and Driveclub Bikes. Today’s patch has set down the foundations of the free content, which includes the EBR Tour pack, as well as bringing in private lobbies. Patch 1.24 also ups club levels from 50 to 55, and Elite Driver levels limit has gone up from 75 to 80.

Details of what the free November 17th packs include are below.

  • Adds support for the EBR Expansion (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free expansion for DRIVECLUB BIKES on Nov 17) – which includes the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, Erik Buell Racing 1190SX and EBR Tour Pack.
  •  The EBR Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the EBR Tour to earn a bonus Livery.
  •  Adds support for the free All Stars Tour Pack (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free add-on for DRIVECLUB on Nov 17).
  •  The All Stars Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the All Stars Tour to earn a bonus Livery.
  •  Adds support for the EBR livery pack (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17). The pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your bikes or cars with.
  •  Adds support for this months free bonus livery (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17).

The studio has given details of what else is being worked on for Driveclub, and should include settings like an easy mode for Tours, and extra customisation slots.

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  1. Have to say I’m really enjoying DriveClub Bikes, possibly more than the cars. And new content which is free always gets my vote! Can’t wait for private lobbies too, definitely needs to be tried in the Monday evening meet :)

    • If we are all updated, we can try it tonight!

      • Updating as I type this! Looking at the community page, quite a few others have had the same idea!

  2. Don’t rest on their laurels do they this lot? Unreal support.

  3. Great support! I spent most of Saturday & Sunday daytime racing through & winning all the events on the Bikes, so this is good news. Next mission is to try & get all the stars.

    Now I’m used to the bikes, I’ll probably be awful in the cars.

  4. I’ve been really enjoying the bikes also! It’s quite a clever move on evolutions part as although I still want new tracks, all the old tracks are a brand new challenge on a bike with different braking points and lines etc.

  5. I’m also amazed at the support Evolution are pouring into DriveClub, they’ve worked bloody hard and deserve Plenty of praise for their commitment to the game. I haven’t got bikes yet but will probably buy it this month, a freebie starter bike event to get a taste would be good!

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