Early Footage Of Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked

It appears that a BioWare employee released some early footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda on their personal Youtube channel, though that original seems to have disappeared. This is the internet though and quite a few people saved and re-uploaded the footage which shows a lot of environment features.


One of the main highlights of the video show the main character using a jet pack to move about the environment, and the second is the return of the Krogans. This opens the door for the Asari and Salarians at least to appear, alongside the new races that will be discovered in Andromeda. Since this is footage from an early build of the game it is likely there have been a lot of changes.

Source: Youtube/GAF



  1. Either it’s a “leak” and this is part of Bioware’s slow burn marketing until they have put together a big trailer or someone made a mistake.

    Regarding the graphics, it’s pre-alpha. It’s unlikely to look like this as they’ve more or less seem to be testing stuff and compiling a list of things that work. It seems to be from 2014 and i would bet that they are halfway through or at 50% in their Alpha builds along with having most of the story written. Would be rather silly of them to only annouce it last year with no work done and do it for a 2017 release.

    • It’s the first I’ve heard of it slipping to 2017, but just checked and it was announced last month… :(

      And Wikipedia also states development started in 2012. Seems like they’re giving it a real big effort.

      Also that now nicely allows a remastered trilogy to release this year, a la Uncharted:NDC before UC4, and Halo:MCC before Halo 5.

      • A remastered trilogy would be good. I’ve only played 3, when it was on PS+, and really enjoyed it.

      • I’d love a remastered trilogy – especially as it’s about nine years now since I played the first one!

      • A remastered trilogy will never happen. Bioware doesn’t like going over their previous pieces of work as it takes up too much time for them and i doubt EA is willing to pay Bluepoint games(Who seem to be THE developers for remasters) to do Mass Effect. It could also take away focus on the new Mass Effect due to the trilogy’s plot and the new game trying to be it’s own thing.

        As for exploding barrels. It’s a game. It’s illegal to not have them appear in the sci-fi genre.

        Did not know that they worked on it since 2012. I do hope they have taken the feedback from DA:I’s filler quests(if the DA team is working with the ME team on this due to DA:I being finished.) And would like to see it be a character oriented plot. Something like DA2’s concept but better executed.

        And an Elcor Romance or Salarian or Krogan or Hanar. :P

      • Well, I’d strongly disagree since senior BioWare staff asked what fans would like to see in a remastered trilogy. A couple of years ago I think, either on the official forums or reddit.

        Key points were: 1080p, all dlc content seemlessly integrated. The problem point was ME 1 as that was vastly different to 2 and 3.

  2. even in another galaxy there are explosive barrels? o_O

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