Mass Effect Andromeda Delayed Until Early 2017

BioWare has confirmed that it is delaying Mass Effect Andromeda’s release from Holiday 2016 to early 2017, due to needing more time to craft the game. Development is heading in the right direction though as the studio puts in the effort to build a game that will give more freedom to players in how to explore Andromeda.

BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will be part of the EA Play conference in June, where more details of it will be revealed.

Source: BioWare

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  1. Mass Defect

  2. Always + 6 months whenever an initial release date is announced.

    So at this years E3 when we see one awesome trailer after the other and the release date appears on screen… dont cheer… dont whoop… dont get excited about playing these amazing games next year… Just say ‘yeah right whateverrrr!’ Boooooo!

    • Pretty much. It’s become the norm that games get delays.

      Makes me wish publishers would hold off on announcements until they were certain it will be out within a year.

      • Delays + day one patches = bad project management. I’m sure it’s hard to work out the business side of these things but the poor devs will probably be getting spitroasted from all sides over this. It’d be nice if they got a break and the publishers could just say ‘business decision’ instead of slyly implying that the devs are over ambitious or behind schedule.

      • To be fair, they are in a tough position. Stick to their original release day and the game is not complete, they get a major back lash. Delay it to work on it, it upsets people.

        The last game that Bioware rushed out was Dragon Age II and it pissed off most dragon age fans.

        Playing it safe and having more time may just be a safety net in case anything comes up. Code can be a right ***** sometimes. If one thing is wrong, 10 things go wrong. If 10 things go wrong, 80 goes wrong etc..

  3. Better late than rushed but still a little disappointing.

  4. I am glad that Bioware have delayed it to work on it to bring us the first non-Shepard Mass Effect game and to avoid a repeat of Dragon Age II. There is a good reason why Bioware didn’t use “From the makers of Dragon Age II” for the DA:I marketing.

    It’s a delay, yes but it may just be them wanting that extra time as a precaution in case something goes wrong. If there is a Day One Patch, i hope it’s a case of either something being caught after the game went gold and nothing major or there is literally no room on a blu ray disc.

  5. This was revealed a few months ago.

    Too many games in the back end of this year anyway, so good call.

  6. Does “more time to craft the game” mean more time to code for PS Neo?

    • No. It wouldn’t take effort to notch the graphics up and they wouldn’t re-engineer this far into development.

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