Star Trek Online Is Heading Towards PS4 And Xbox One

Arc Games has confirmed that Star Trek Online will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One later this year, with a lot of work done to port the PC game to home consoles. The developers have had to remap the controls that use most of a keyboard to controllers, and have updated the engine with new lighting effects.


Improvements have also been implemented for the user interface and player progression to make the experience more streamlined. Star Trek Online will launch later this year.

Source: Arc Games

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  1. I’m looking forward to this as I’ve been meaning to get around to playing it on PC, but never really had the chance to do so. #crazedstartrekfan

  2. From what I can tell, it’s definitely “free, but…”

    Want to play as more characters? Pay. Want to carry more stuff than one of those little people? Children? Pay some more. Want to play as the Borg, because of course you do? Pay even more. Want to “accidentally” shoot Neelix? Repeatedly? And then run him over with a ship? Repeatedly? I bet they don’t let you do that. :(

    • I can’t tell if you are criticising the fact the developers aren’t releasing a game that is entirely free to play, or reiterating the common freemium model they are adopting to an end I can’t fathom.

      • I’m not criticising it for not being completely free. Obviously they have to make money somehow. And I’m not one of those people who think “free” instantly means bad.

        It’s just that in this particular case they’ve gone a bit far with grabbing as much money as they can. It certainly appears to be a “pay to win” game, or at the very least “pay to win in a reasonable time”. And pay for keys to unlock boxes of random stuff that may or may not be any good (probably not though).

        Of course, they could change things for the console versions. But given who owns the game now, I suspect they’ll stick to the current model.

      • It’s nothing compared to something like iRacing. If you want the ultimate example of pay-to-play games, that would be a good place to start.

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