Homefront: The Revolution Patch 1.03 Has Removed Map Icons On PS4

Things for Homefront: The Revolution continue to look bleak. Last week it was issues with the game’s framerate that was grabbing headlines, and now it appears the latest patch, 1.03, has added another major bug to the the PS4 version of the game. The patch was released to help with issues which crashed the game, but in turn has now removed icons from the game’s map.

This means players can’t locate side quests or NPCs, so get stuck. Dambuster have stated they are aware of the problem and are looking for a fix. The studio has asked for PS4 players to help in this effort by submitting save data so it can determine what is causing the issue. If you are affected and would like to help just follow the steps below.


1) Insert a clean (FAT Formatted) USB into the PS4
2) Go to Settings -> Application Saved Data -> Copy Save Game to USB
3) Copy both your profile & saved game file over for Homefront: The Revolution
4) Plug the USB stick into a PC and copy the whole ‘PS4’ folder and compress
5)Upload it to this Dropbox page.

Source: Videogamer/Dambuster

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