Quake Champions Is PC Exclusive Due To Pro Gamers

The eSports demographic seems to be gaining more importance with developers with id Software creative director Tim Willits has explained that Quake Champions is only on PC as they want to keep pro gamers happy.

“It’s everything from input sampling of the mouse to making sure that your monitor refresh rate is fast enough,” said Tim. “Because even with Quake Live, we have found throughout the years that going from 30 to 60 is huge, but even 60 to 120–is noticeable.


“Most of us, and even me, I can’t really tell the difference, but there are some players who are inhuman. And we can’t come out and say we’re going to make a game for them and not run ridiculously fast. Because if we lose the pro guys, we’re in trouble.”

Now that sounds like a bit of a contradiction to me, “most of us” can’t tell the difference and yet if they lose the minority of pro guys they are “in trouble.” #

Quite why they can’t make a non e-sport console version seem an odd decision, especially when you consider Willits earlier comment that “We want to make sure that we have as many people as we possibly can, you’ll be able to turn down your specs and get a decent game at lower-end.”


Source: Gamespot

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  1. Odd decision considering Valve released CSGO on consoles and so many people play it on consoles….wait a minute?

    I can see the point but like Overwatch and Rocket League, there is room for these games on consoles.

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