Brut@l Will Be Out On August 9th For PS4

Stormcloud Games is bringing Brut@l to PS4 on August 9th, with pre-orders now live for the dungeon crawler. Inspired by ASCII classics the game this procedurally generated title allows players to control either a mage, warrior, ranger, or Amazon fighter to fight through hordes of monsters, while taking care to be careful due to the perma-death that is present in the game.

Brut@l is available to pre-order for £11.99, with Plus users getting a 20% discount. Those who pre-order will get an exclusive theme.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Brut-at-l?

    • I can see what they were aiming for but the irony is that ‘a’ is an ascii figure as much as the @ symbol is.

  2. Of the four games in the US Play bundle i thought i would be the least interested in this but i actually love how it looks.

  3. Perma-death? No thanks.

    • It’s not called Brutatl for nothing :)

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