Check Out The Vehicles From Battlefield 1

EA are continuing the series exploring Battlefield 1 and the latest video focuses on the many varied vehicles that can be found in the game.

The vehicles you’ll use in Battlefield 1 were created for a new type of warfare. They were massive and powerful, shaping the future of warfare with every shell shot or bomb dropped. These new vehicles required more attention and specialization, represented in-game with the Tanker and Pilot classes you’ll play as if you deploy into a tank or plane respectively.

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  1. I’m not a great plane pilot when it comes to Battlefield, so I doubt I’ll be engaging much in the aerial combat (more of a helo pilot myself). I’m curious whether those planes can be shot down easy with rifles. Went to a museum a while back and both WWI and WWII planes were incredibly flimsy. A miracle they flew and kept things together to be honest, and not a surprise when ground fire from infantry caught them out.

    Interesting stuff with the dedicated tank/pilot classes too. Should make for some colourful situations.

  2. Didn’t play a Battlefield since they changed to modern times. But I believe I will be buying this. It reminds me too much of childhood WWII games. Also, I never played a game about WWI, I feel like I owe history this much. But not a day 1 purchase, DLC and such destroy the experience. Maybe for the holidays.

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