Community Round-Up: 20/08/19

Well, that’s been a long and busy week, with Cologne filled with hundreds of thousands of gamers attending Gamescom. I only had to venture into the public halls once during our three days of wall to wall games previews, but even that was enough for me to know that humankind can endure unknowable hardships and survive.

Expect our Gamescom coverage to kick off in ernest on Monday morning. What would you like to hear about most?


Despite being the middle of August, we had some big hitting reviews land this week. I led the charge, giving a 7/10 to No Man’s Sky, a game with an outstanding first few hours that I’m hoping can expand to live up to its full potential over the coming months.

Aran then awarded the ballet inspired Bound an 8/10, calling it “easily one of the most stunning games to release on PS4”, but Tuffcub couldn’t say the same of Bears Can’t Drift?! in his 6/10 review.

Dom said that F1 2016 is by far the most comprehensive represetation of the sport we’ve seen so far, giving the game a very healthy 8/10. Meanwhile, Deus Ex GO got a healthy 7/10 from Jim, before Dave awarded Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a 9/10, saying that “Mankind Divided was worth the five year wait.”

There’s been a similarly protracted wait for fans of Final Fantasy, but as a relative newcomer to the series, I wrote about how I fell in love with some of the more unusual quirks of Final Fantasy XV. I also followed up on our single player Titanfall 2 preview with an early look at the Titanfall 2 Technical Test, both in written form and in a video chatfollowed up with an interview. Finally, there was hands on time with Ubisoft’s Steep and exploring the French Alps on skis, snowboard or from the sky.

The War Child charity released a bundle of game jam games called HELP!: The Game, with the dozen developers – including Creative Assembly, Team17, Rovio and many more – taking very different approaches, some going for an out and out game, while others aimed to represent the difficulties that children often face in a war zone.

Finally, Dave shared his own top ten games from the year so farI wrote about keeping expectations for Gamescom announcements in checkand Gazza covered for me on last week’s Chronicle.

The forums are always rather quiet, but MrYd and TSBonyman have been chatting and discussing a few tips and tricks for No Man’s Sky.

Beyond that, I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Chronicle. Enjoy your Saturday.

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  1. Interested if there’s any coverage of Forza Horizon 3 and Gran Turismo Sport. Neither has had much fresh gameplay since earlier in the year, except for FH3’s recent 30 minutes at Gamescom behind closed doors which showed of some of the scenery and body kits. I think I seen all I need to regarding Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Not fussed about any other upcoming new titles at the moment.

  2. I’m keeping an eye out for coverage of Farming Sim 17 – the trailers have been good, and hopefully the devs will have done interviews with a few sites.

    Other than that, Star Citizen 2016 looks quite interesting, as does Steep which we saw on TSA yesterday.

    • Star Citizen makes me gawp every time I see it, it’s just mind blowing. There’s been a few really interesting articles about its inception and production, it’s worth reading up on if it’s got you interested.

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