Microsoft Are Getting Pretty Sassy On Twitter Right Now

I’m loving Microsoft’s cheekiness on Twitter right now. They’re not just sitting back while Sony announce and release new console hardware, but are taking the fight to them a little bit by touting some of the key features on the Xbox One S.

Today’s tweet espouses mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition which has been cancelled on PS4, Xbox One’s backward compatibility and the “fastest, most reliable gaming network.


And then there’s the original tweet from Wednesday.

Now, how good would it be if Sony started to get a few little digs of their own in? Even if they don’t, I hope Microsoft keep poking the bear like this…

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  1. Sony: Selling twice as many consoles as Microsoft ✅

    • Neither list (no matter how short or long it is) prevents both of the companies from doing their utmost. I just wish they’d also learn from each other which they often don’t. Daft sods.

    • *Sold.


  2. Sony: Still not profitable ✅

    • Scratch that.

      Sony: Actually now making a profit ✅

  3. “40% smaller” than what?
    the stock ps4 is still way smaller than the xbox one S!

    Plus all ps4s are getting hdr as opposed to locking it behind a model upgrade

    • 40% smaller than something which is almost 67% bigger. Obviously.

      • Good maths comments!

      • Someone’s probably trying to work out where I got 67% from.

    • 40% smaller… than the moon.

  4. Yeah, they need milk it. Sony did it for two years with the tiresome 4theGamers tag, and rightly so after mess of Microsoft’s original XB1 reveal. Now Microsoft have delivered the goods, they may as well dive into it.

    • What did Microsoft deliver on? Taking all existing owners the bottom rung of the latter? Sony at least didn’t make me feel like my investment wasn’t wasted.

      • was you supposed to say:
        i have informed the grammar police and you are under surveillance .

      • Were you supposed to say ‘were’? I’ve followed up your call.

    • Exactly. No company should keep quiet when their product has features that their rival doesn’t. To keep quiet now would be basically admitting they’ve given up on ever being on top again.

  5. For the game is just their tag line just like Tesco saying every little helps or is it Asda but that don’t mean they taking digs. Greatest game is a lie, I mean the meta score proves that

    • That was for avenger lol

    • Whether you guys like it or not, most of the tweeted points are facts, with the rest like greatest games being opinion. Facts don’t constitute a ‘dig’ anymore than 4theGamers. It’s pointed marketing, and not really the bitching that people perceive it as from either company.

      Sony capitalised on Xbox’s weakness, and now Microsoft are doing it with PlayStation. It’s called competition and common sense marketing.

      • Are they really facts?

        That first tweet is yes (for 1 game), kind of (for selected games), and based on paying someone to give them the result they wanted.

        The second tweet is yes (but pointless), yes (but so will the PS4 Pro), yes (but so will all PS4s), entirely subjective, and yes (but size doesn’t really matter anyway, and I never thought I’d say that ;)

        That’s the best MS could come up with? Out of 7 points, that’s 2 not facts (not quite lies) and not really anything else to be proud of.

        Someone will probably complain to the advertising standards people anyway, and they’ll be told not to do it again, sometime around next Spring.

      • I said facts. Not facts that cease to exist because PlayStation 4 comes into the equation.

        Seeing as you and logic don’t see eye to eye on this one, I’ll give it a try.

        Mod support ✅
        Fact. Mods are supported for developers to use/not use.

        Backward Compatibility ✅
        Fact. Software emulates a 360, and therefore becomes compatible with numerous last gen games.

        Fastest, most reliable gaming network ✅
        Opinion. It’s a study that’s hardly extensive by the sounds of it, and may not always be true of every waking moment, or even within a given period, say a month or a quarter. It’s subject at best

        4K Blu-Ray ✅
        Fact. It has a 4K Blu-Ray compatible drive.

        4K streaming ✅
        Fact, it supports applications for streaming and outputting of 4K content.

        HDR gaming ✅
        Fact, it has HDR, and numerous games are using it and will be released as such.

        Greatest games ✅
        Opinion. Simple as.

        40% smaller ✅
        Fact. Albeit it’s a relativistic statement.

        There I managed it, and would you know, I didn’t even mention PlayStation. Who’d have thought it!!!

        On a side note, it’s truly baffling I even have to explain this, but hey ho, I’m feeling the energy tonight. Couldn’t be bothered overt amounts of sarcasm tho :(

      • Thing is Avenger, people get so precious about their beloved consoles but what everyone needs to remember is that it’s not an exhaustive list of facts. It’s cherry-picked. You’re list sounds great. Cherry-picked to perfection. Hell, I’d back that for marketing if I worked for Microsoft. Equally, Sony’s marketing department can cherry-pick handfuls of other features where they can shout from the rooftops.

        It’s just a shame when the emotions get in the way and people start arguing over such a wonderful pastime/hobby. The really important thing is that people are happy with their decisions/purchases and don’t even give things like this a second look.


  6. Xbox: Probably about to suffer a hilariously massive DDOS attack.

    NEVER boast about how reliable something is.

  7. !!!!”FANBOYS” ASSEMBLE!!!!
    crawl back under your obtuse black boxes and admire the linear beauty of the oneS.
    jeez i should get a job in Microsoft PR.

  8. How is everybody doing those funky green ticks?

    • Magic. Or powerful lasers. Any sufficiently powerful laser is indistinguishable from magic anyway.

      What you really want to know is how I’m doing my special invisible ticks.

      Loads of them.

    • The funky green ticks are a PS4 Pro pre-order bonus!

    • Dunno ???
      But find these after owning an ipad for goodness knows how long!

    • Just do it like this – fact (funky green tick).

  9. This is indeed very petty. It unfortunately reminds of Chris Evans(The british BLEEP one) and his FACT!tweets about Top Gear.

    I did not want to remember that happened, MS.

    Also, just get in a ring with Sony. Beat the crap out of each other then make up and make love to each other. Isn’t this how these things go?

    • Yeah, but what’s the bet they make love and spawn the anti-christ.

      • Let’s see…..

        round up the one…

        divide by zero…

        add that…

        apparently, Nintendo is now the anti-christ. DUN DUN DUUUU!

        What? Nintendo is an acceptable target!



    • It reminded me more of former Liverpool manager Fat Rafa Benitez and his FACT rant a few years ago.

  10. Ugh when will it all end? It’s like the Israeli/Palestine conflict but with grown ass men sat at computers in their y fronts, defending their consoles to the death (or until their mom and dad go to bed).

    And you know… without the bombs and the bloodshed etc etc.

    • No pants on me ;)

      • I should have worded it better “I’m not wearing any pants”

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