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ThatGameCompany Begins Teasing Its Next Game

Thatgamecompany is well known for games like Journey, flOw, and Flower, with each offering unique experiences. Now the studio has begun teasing its next project with two images posted on Twitter, both with blue backgrounds with artwork in white. One depicts a lit candle being used to light another one with the caption “a game about giving”, while the other shows four children holding hands.



A Twitter account was set up by thatgamecompany back in August with the handle thatnextgame. We could get an announcement soon or the studio is preparing to show something at the PlayStation Experience in December.

Source: Twitter

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  1. They’re not giving much away with those two images, but I’m interested in finding out more.

    • There’s a third image on their twitter page with a green hill with a gateway/arch on top and a bloody big white cloud.

  2. Dont get carried away now…

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