Playdead Tease Their Next Game

Developers of Limbo and Inside

The developers of Limbo and Inside have tweeted an image to tease their next release. There’s not much to go on with just a lone figure watching an fireball in the sky.

I’ve whacked up the contracts on the image and this appears to be pilot who has ejected from his exploding plane with the tatters of his parachute behind him. We are intrigued.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Everything they produce is quality….

  2. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a huge departure from their other games but that’s no bad thing.

  3. I liked Inside more than Limbo so I’m on an upward scale and the assumptions that can be made from the image appeal to my interests.

  4. Loved Limbo. Loved Inside even more. Cannot wait! :D

  5. Reminds me I still got halfway through Inside and need to finish it… at least before this comes out…

  6. Limbo was great, Inside was my no.2 game of the year (The Witness no.1) – absolutely can’t wait for this.

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