You Can Claim Your Nintendo Switch User ID Now

It’s a long time since the gold rush for getting your favourite online handle on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Twitter and, yes, TheSixthAxis. The Nintendo Switch, however, sees the Japanese company starting from scratch, and if you’ve got a particular name in mind, you’d best act fast to snap it up.

There was already the first stage of this last year, with the launch of My Nintendo and Miitomo, which let you create an account using Google, Twitter, Facebook or the old Nintendo Network ID. There’s a new section in your account settings though – just head to and log in – that lets you create a User ID and password for your Nintendo Account that will, we believe, be used going forward for Nintendo Switch.


Clicking ‘edit’ next to the blank section will send an email to your My Nintendo account’s email address, before prompting you to first create a new password and then pick a username of 6 characters of more. If you’re not happy with whatever you picked, you are able to edit this and change it down the line.

I managed to snag my ideal user ID. Can you guess what it is?

Source: Wario64 via Engadget

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  1. Nabbed mine. Never going to own one, but can’t have an imposter Tuffcub!

    • Hah, same! All done, now I’m the only me again.

  2. Got my preferred choice too ilovebum69, obviously.

    Had an offer on my house accepted this week so I’m going to use a little of the surplus funds to buy a Switch and a nice HDR TV for my PS4 Pro :)

    • Congrats and good luck with the move when that happens. You’ll be able to play on the Switch when you’re between houses, just to prove that portable consoles aren’t dead!

      • Haha thanks mate, will do. Not sure where I’m going yet, it’s all part of the separation with the wife, so for the moment I’ll just have to resist spending all my sale money on games!

      • Oh balls, really sorry to hear mate :( Onwards and upwards eh, good luck with the house hunt and I hope things are alright when you’re in. All the best dude

      • Thanks mate, it’s all good anyway! :)

  3. What do I care. I’ll just add all the r’s I need to get my ID up and running when I need it :P

  4. My username is apparently too long…

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