Ready At Dawn’s Deformers Out Next Week, Exclusive To GAME In The UK

GameTrust, the publishing arm of US retail giant GameStop, has struck a deal with GAME in the UK allowing them exclusive rights to Ready At Dawn’s colourful game, Deformers.


“We have a good relationship with GameStop and we’d love to stock all of the games that they have coming to the market,” said GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs. “Deformers is an interesting one. The view of the gamers in the office is that we’re really looking forward to that game coming. That is a key point in the partnership with GameStop there. Deformers is the first stab for us and we have it exclusively in the UK.”

The game will be released on  PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: GI Biz

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  1. Followed by the what seems to be the mandatory cock up of the Launch by Game.

    Seriously, Game seem to be unable to handle launches when they have exclusive stuff. And one fecking outlet in the entire UK? Seriously? Game is what everyone has to use if they want it? I get that they are the biggest Gaming retailer in the UK/Only notable one unless you include CEX but come on!

    Bit of a risk by Ready at Dawn due to Game’s love of preowned and their habit of attempting to sell more then the cost of a new game.

  2. It’s on Amazon as a digital download.

    I did at one point see the box advertised on Amazon but not there today when I checked.

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