Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release Rumoured For June

Modern Warfare Remastered (review) has been available since last November, technically. Those who forked out for Infinite Warfare‘s Legacy Edition gained access to done-up version of the ground-breaking first person shooter.

According to a listing posted (and promptly removed) by US retailer GameFly, a standalone version of the game could launch as soon as June 20th.

Two screengrabs above (pulled by Charlie Intel), show listings for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. If legit, it appears as though PS4 gamers will once again get first dibs, the Xbox One edition of the game launching 30 days later on July 20th.

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  1. Funny thing is you can get the CoD bundle for £30 now, and knowing Activision they’ll try to sell this on it’s own for £45.

    • Really? Where’s that, I saw it for £43 on the PSN Store I think but nowhere as cheap as £30. I’d be tempted at that price if you get Infinite Warfare too (not that I really want it)

      • It’s £39.99 on the Game website, it was £30 at the weekend in the store I went in, I think it was a bank holiday weekend sale though.

      • That’s a pretty good deal, although sadly I’d want the digital version so that I didn’t have to put the disc in to play it (although that could get patched out once the standalone version releases).

    • £45 may be a /bit/ too steep.

      It’s already been out for a good six months so it’s hard to say how much appeal it has for people who haven’t already purchased IW: Legacy Edition.

      At £20-25 with a physical box on store shelves, it would be interesting to see how many lapsed casual COD fans would bite.

      • I’d love a physical copy! Hopefully there’s also a version with the map packs included too.

      • Would make logical sense for them to add the map packs in if they decide on doing physical.

        Can see them bumping up the value a bit by throwing in their equivalent of loot chests or some kind of microstransaction currency.

      • Yeah, £29.99 including maps for a physical release could be good.

        Oh God, did they do loot chests and that kind of guff in the Remaster?!? Thought the whole idea of a Remaster is to keep things unchanged, it’s not a reboot :(

      • Lapsed casual CoD fan here, I’d definitely bite for £25 or maybe a fiver more for Youles’ bundle. An asking price starting with a 3 would be a big turn off, but a 1 would really appeal to the nostalgic masses and a CSGO beating £9.99 would be amazing. Where is CSGO anyway?

      • Indeed MW Remaster has its very own Micro Transactions with the Depot,there version of the loot crate area and several added weapons like clubs and hatchets a samurai sword magnum 44 a shotgun and a machine gun,I know with the guns you get parts for them,you either earn parts by doing different requirements or you can gamble that parts will be in a crate.

      • A fucking Samurai Sword. Well that’s the game ruined them.

        Fuck me, can they not just leave it alone without the stupid gimmicks. I bet it’s overpowered or basically a paid-for advantage weapon.

        Thanks for the details though mate :)

  2. I hope the let owners of the legacy edition download the game as a stand alone. It’s annoying as an add on to IW. Need so much had space.

    • I have the digital version and Infinite Warfare isn’t required to be on the hardrive for Modern Warfare to work,though I believe with the physical release the IW disc must be in the console to play Modern Warfare.

  3. Y’knew it would happen. Sales dry up slightly of the package, so now Activision offer the popular remaster

  4. And water is wet. The sun is showing women in bikinis. The Daily Mail is blaming stuff on their favourite targets.

    The only surprise will be if they do it at a decent price. No doubt, we’ll see MW2 remastered in the whatever edition. I don’t care enough to make up a witty edition because it’s Activision and they will do it.

    However, it means that there are two COD games this year. This must be near the point where the franchise just collapses from overexposure and being more or less the same every year. I mean, when AC started two releases a year, it wasn’t long before Ubisoft put it to rest.

    Or they’ll start doing it as 2 games a year(one remaster, one yearly).

    That said, I kinda would consider getting COD if WWII(Change the damn title, that is lazy) is just as good as the trilogy. I liked COD 1-3. Granted, i was younger and heavily into FPSes at the time but it was a solid trilogy.

  5. When is E3?………

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