Beyond Good & Evil 2 Returns As A Prequel Adventure

Honestly, I could just watch an animated movie, given the quality that Ubisoft produced for the re-reveal trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2. It’s up there with the best of them, and as Michel Ancel came on stage, he was in tears with emotion to see this game finally coming back to public view.


It actually takes place before the time of Jade in a distant solar system called System 3, with brand new characters of all races and species.  However, despite years and years of work, it’s not done – the technology to enable the new interstellar took a lot of time, and they’ve completely thrown out any work done as a follow up to the original – and Ubi would like you to help them finish it by joining the space monkey program at

There’s no release date pinned on this one, but goodness me, this is exciting for those who’ve been crying out for a BG&E sequel (or prequel) for all this time!

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  1. I never played the first one, but that trailer definitely has me interested, the humour and action look great!

  2. Wow, unexpectedly sweary but a brilliant trailer!

  3. I’m sad there’s no Jade. The trailer was great though.

  4. Not at all what I expected. Visibly amazing trailer though I’m not sure I’ll like it, really don’t like the monkey character.

  5. Judging by the general reaction I seem to the be the only person who didn’t like that trailer….

    It just feels like it has none of the charm that made the first game so good. It all seems a bit crappy to me….

  6. I didn’t like it either. What’s with all the swearing? The dialogue was quite daft and I really wanted to shoot the ape. And not to keen on that online talk either.

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