7 Days To Die’s Patch 10.0 Improves Weather Effects And Fixes Zombies Clipping Through Doors

It seems to be the day of patch releases today, and not to be left out of the party the developers behind 7 Days To Die have announced that Patch 10.0 will be releasing today. It’ll update the PS4 version to 1.14 while the Xbox One version will hit The main changes that are incoming include improvements to 7 Days To Die’s weather effects and sky lighting, allowing for item combination to create better quality items, and lootable gore boxes. There’s also a number of fixes including stopping zombies from clipping through doors and hatches while they’re being upgraded, as well as making sure smelted guns do now yield materials.

Some of these updates will not require a new game to be experienced, but quite a lot of additions will only be present if you start over. You can view the full list of changes below.


Compatible with current game saves:

  • Updated Sky and Weather Effects – Sky and weather effects have been updated to the full, more immersive Alpha 15 versions.
  • Item Combination and Repair – The workbench UI has been updated to allow players to combine items in order to make items of better quality. Any two items of the same type with a quality score (such as tools, weapons, and armor) can be placed into the workbench and a new item of better quality will be created. The workbench can also be used to repair items using other lower quality items as fuel. Workbenches can now also be disassembled with a wrench.
  • Lootable Gore Blocks – Zombies and their gore blocks have been updated so that when a zombie corpse decays into a gore block, the gore block can still be looted for the same loot that would have been looted off the zombie corpse. Along with this, zombies will decay into gore blocks a lot sooner than they used to and will often, when enough damage is done, instantly turn into gore blocks upon death.

Requiring new game:

  •  New plants and harvestables, various new types of scrap, and a whole slew of new clothing items to be found.
  • New Block Types – Over 100 new blocks have been added to the game. There are several that help flesh out existing block sets with new pieces (corners and arrow slits), toggleable lights, drawbridges, and a new crafting station. Also includes jail doors, tree houses, catwalks, stainless steel, new lighting.
  • Farming Improvements – Farming has been improved in Patch 10. The concept of fertilized land has been added, along with 4 new seed types (Yucca, Mushrooms, Chrysanthemum, and Aloe).
  • New Recipes – Over 60 new recipes have been added to the game. Many of these have been added to complement the new Block Shapes and Farming features being added this patch, but a few exist to allow players to craft items that are already in the game.
  • Chemistry Station – A new crafting station, called the Chemistry Station has been added to the game. This station provides a way to craft many of the recipes you can craft on the campfire, using different, easier recipes and crafts those items in less time than the campfire.
  • Skills Updates and Balancing – Most of the changes done to the skills have been balancing ones. A lot of the changes were changing the level needed for next level requirements, changing the cost of some skills and the amount of experience needed to level those skills up. Two new skills were added (Chemistry Station and Breaking and Entering) and two were removed (10mm Round Crafting and Leather Tanning).

Bug Fixes and Improvements

· Fixed an issue causing the Basic Survival Quest 4/8 to require more wood than it takes to craft the Wooden Club
· Fixed an issue that allowed zombies to clip through doors and hatches while the player was upgrading them
· Fixed an issue that would prevent a player from standing after crouching in a 2×1 tunnel
· Fixed an issue causing throwing items to be thrown further and more quickly than intended
· Fixed an issue that would cause Yucca Plants to provide an additional fruit when shot
· Fixed an issue that allowed the player to get resources from animals before skinning/gutting them
· Fixed an issue that resulted in smelting guns yielding no materials
· Fixed an issue that would allow players to drop cooking tools while interacting with a fire or forge
· Fixed an issue that would make the placement indicator for signs appear green even when overlapping a location in which signs couldn’t be placed
· Fixed an issue that would cause the number of brass units gained from scrapping Duke’s Tokens to vary inconsistently based upon how many tokes the player was scrapping
· Fixed an issue that would cause the player to be unable to harvest the top of a corn plant if they harvested the bottom first
· Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause pipe bombs to land directly at the player’s feet when thrown

· Fixed an issue causing certain blocks to appear invisible from one side when upgraded
· Fixed an issue that caused Cotton Plants to be missing a texture
· Fixed an issue preventing Animal Hide Leg Armor from being displayed on the character model
· Fixed an issue causing the forge and campfire SFX to continue playing between exiting and loading a new save
· Fixed an issue that caused the water bottle icon to show incorrectly in the character tool belt after being filled
· Fixed an issue that caused SFX associated with cancelling an item in the crafting queue to play too loudly
· Fixed an issue that caused SFX associated footsteps to briefly become inaudible after the player would sprain/break a leg

· Fixed an issue that would cause the game to prompt the player to activate split-screen whenever they would exit the audio options
· Fixed an issue the would cause the session to temporarily freeze after cancelling crafting on a large quantity of items

Source: 7 Days To Die Forum


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  1. I enjoyed this for a while after it’s “early access” release but then NMS took over. If i had been playing it regularly since then i’d be annoyed at having to start a new save but it’s been so long since i did play it won’t matter now. Mind you i’ll probably still hold off for the ‘final’ release before returning.

  2. Picked this up awhile ago during a Steam sale and so far I have 16 minutes playtime in it.

    I feel like I should put some more time into it…

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