The Star Wars Battlefront II Public Beta Has Been Extended Until 11th October

While EA and DICE are receiving a lot of hopefully constructive feedback from the multiplayer beta – literally all anyone’s talking about right now are the loot boxes – they’ve also decided that they want to keep the beta test running a little bit longer, extending it by 48 hours.

The beta will now run until 5PM UK time on Thursday 11th October. If you’ve been playing all weekend or thought you’d missed out, this is your last chance until the game launches on 17th November, unless you decide to pre-order, in which case you can play on the 14th, because apparently two launch dates are better than one.

Source: EA Star Wars via Reddit

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  1. Amazing. I’m on a stag do, unable to play because pissed. Happy with extended deadline. Preemetivelyve embarrassed.

  2. The 11th of October is Wednesday, not Thursday :-P

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