Meet Aidan From Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Expected Autumn 2018

It’s been nearly three years since Overkill announced that it was working on a The Walking Dead game, and in that time the title has been delayed twice. Over the weekend however there was some activity as the studio released two new videos related to the four player co-op first person shooter. The first is a trailer that introduces one of the characters, who is called Aidan and he seems to favour a bat with nails to attack the undead.


The second video acts an introduction the development team behind Overkill’s The Walking Dead, giving an insight into the art and environment style, and how that will pertain to the story. There’s only very basic information for the title set in Washington D.C., but the following video will explore more of the game’s story.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is expected in Autumn 2018.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Game looks promising.
    Hopefully some gameplay footage will be release soon. Hopefully before the next delay after the one before that.

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