The News At Sixth: 26/03/18

Well that’s Monday out the way with, what a crap day Monday is, we really should ban it and make the weekend a day longer. Anyway, games news then, and it’s a relatively quiet day as everyone is keeping out of the way of the Far Cry 5 reviews. It’s quite good, apparently.

Other stuff that happened included:

Also today…

Free-to-Play MMO Tera launches on PS4 and Xbox One on April 3rd.

EA have been teaching AI bots how to play Battlefield 1. “The agents aren’t very good at planning ahead. If an agent spots an objective, like an enemy player, it will act. But if there’s nothing in sight, it will eventually start to spin around to look for something to do,” says SEED’s technical director Magnus Nordin. Lols.

Robert Bowling (remember him?) has something to say about the rumour that the CoD MW2 remaster won’t include multiplayer.


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